Chumel Torres mocks Yucatan: “Nobody wants to go, there are only iguanos”


The presenter of El Pulso De La República pointed out that in Yucatan there are only iguanos and certain death.

Chumel Torres has once again sparked controversy and generated anger and indignation after a video was released in which he apparently belittles the state of Yucatan. In a recent broadcast of his program “El Pulso De La República”, the comedian and presenter questioned Aeromexico after announcing that it had enabled daily flights from the Felipe Ángeles Airport to Mérida and Villahermosa. 

The controversial comic also pointed out that “no one wants to go to Yucatan”, in addition to commenting that its “greatest attraction is to leave there”. However, his strong statements about him would have fulfilled the objective of emphasizing the change in decision that the airline took “abruptly” since at first, they stated that his planes would not fly at the new airport. 

In his controversial video,  the comedian suggests that behind Aeromexico’s decision there was corruption, threats, or economic interest that is difficult to reject. 

Chumel Torres mocks Yucatan: “Nobody wants to go to Yucatan”

It was during the broadcast of the program “El Pulso De La República”, on February 10, in which Chumel Torres, with his particular black humor, spoke about the announcement issued by Aeromexico, which it was indicated would have available to whoever requires it, daily flights from  Felipe Angeles Airport to the states of Yucatan and Tabasco.

However, after taking up what the airline said, in his own way, he assured that: “No one wants to go to Yucatan or Tabasco.” The YouTuber also pointed out his comments by making a “joke” in which he commented that no one would ask for a trip to Yucatan as a birthday present. 

“Aeromexico announced that as of April of this year it will join the operations of the Felipe Angeles International Airport… After saying that they were not the same as other airlines… he said that they always were… Why Yucatan and Tabasco? Whose places their greatest attraction is to leave there … “, mentioned the comedian. 

And he added as part of his sketch that: “Aeromexico says that its change of opinion is the result of analysis and customer needs… Nobody wants to go to Yucatan… If Yucatecos or Tabasqueños could move, they would leave Yucatan and Tabasco… ‘Mija, what do you want as a gift for XV years?’… Hey, where are we going for graduation?… Nobody wants to go…”

However, Chumel pointed out that he did not want to be a “conspiracy theorist” but commented that: “What is there in Yucatan and Tabasco? In addition to certain death, malaria, cholera, iguanas and all those things that makeup 80% of their water.” 

Likewise, Chumel Torres suggested that there could be corruption in the airline’s decision since coincidentally the Mayan Train will be in Yucatan and the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco, projects of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Although he also hinted that there could be some threat for the airline to “change its mind.” 

“We find it very curious that with money the dog not only dances but also flies.” The controversial tweet ended. 

As could be imagined, criticism and attacks on Chumel were immediately unleashed on social networks, which apparently denigrated and discredited the states of Yucatan and Tabasco by questioning why Aeromexico changed its mind.

Similarly, after his desire to know the reason or what made the airline change its decision, a young Yucatecan decided to “confront” the standup. 

Through a TikTok video, the young man claims Chumel for speaking “denigrated” the state in that way, as he reminds him that Yucatan “has opened the doors for him.” In addition to pointing out that there are “millions of tourists who want to come to Yucatan who pay thousands of dollars to see the wonder of the world: Chichen Itza.

The Yucatecan ends his clip by inviting Chumel to come and “know more than iguanas.”

What did Aeromexico say about the flights to Yucatan and Tabasco from the Felipe Angeles airport?

Through a statement published on February 9, the airline indicated that its customers will have the flexibility of having the largest number of frequencies in the market to fly from the cities of Mérida and Villahermosa to the AIFA or to the current International Airport. of Mexico City (AICM).


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