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Yucatan Government must offer a public apology for poisoning of ambassador Jon Benjamin

- April 27, 2022

The results of the hotel sector for the Easter holidays were very good in the first week and regular in the second, said the president of the Mexican Association of Hotels in Yucatan, Juan José Martín Pacheco.

As is the custom during Holy Week, 90% of the vacationers were national tourists and 10% were foreign tourists, but with a notable decrease.

This is because a good part of the temporary residents of Canada who live mainly in the summer areas of Progreso and Telchac Puerto returned to their cities due to the arrival of spring in their country.

What is known about the case of British ambassador Jon Benjamin?

Martín Pacheco, former Secretary of Tourism in the government of Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, also spoke at the request of the newspaper about the case of British ambassador Jon Benjamin, who reported on his social networks that he was intoxicated by eating in a restaurant on Paseo de Montejo.

In the opinion of Martín Pacheco, the government of Yucatan, perhaps from the Ministry of Tourism or Health Development (SSY) and the accused restaurant, should offer a public apology to the ambassador, locate the point of error and correct it if necessary.

Even the state government should already give clear, precise and forceful information about this case and avoid back and forth.

“What the ambassador suffered was unfortunate, the government must give a public apology, look for the mistake, look for the conditions so that it does not happen again,” he said. “The incident is over, the health biosecurity system should be restored so that cases like this do not happen again.”

The leader of the Yucatecan hoteliers admitted that the SSY carries out supervisory work to take care of what is related to the food provided by tourism service providers, but must constantly maintain sampling in restaurants and food services.

He knows that the climate that prevails in Yucatan is not just any and that is why all vendors in the industry have to take great care in handling food because the strong heat decomposes it.

“The Ministry of Health must continue with its sampling, but the hotel and restaurant businessmen must demonstrate their responsibility and be very careful with food handling so that there is no problem like the one that occurred with the British ambassador,” he said.

Would the spread of the poisoning case of the British ambassador affect tourism?

“Unfortunately, it is a case, the ambassador is a character, this type of case is isolated in the state,” he replied. “It must be corrected, it must be courtesy to offer him a public apology from both the establishment he points to and Sefotur, and reinforce the review of food handling by the SSY.”

“I don’t think this case will hit tourism, it is a black spot in the great expectation that has always been about the hospitality of Yucatecans, the attention of visitors, and the quality services of gastronomy.”

Without encouraging controversy over this situation, he said that the government must analyze very well where the error was made and correct it.

“The ambassador is a person with a high human quality and can give information about what really happened so that everyone is sure that there is no injustice as happened with the restaurant ‘El Fogoncito ‘, which was discredited and closed, and at the end, the investigation showed that the people who denounced were not intoxicated in that place.”

Then he asked the service provider; that is to say, to the restaurant accused by ambassador Jon Benjamin, that without giving it too much of a stir, bravely admit the error, offer him an apology and review his processes very well so that it does not happen again.

He asked the state government to report the result of the investigation and make it known so that this case does not become a tell me and tell you public.


Retaking the results of Holy Week in the hotel sector, Martín Pacheco said that compared to last year, tourism activity has improved a lot. 

That light that they saw far away for their recovery, today is not so far away. They already see the light at the end of the tunnel and for this reason, the entire sector has to work together, join forces to get the best out of it and carry out a campaign with the state, federal and municipal governments so that tourism does not fall this low season. prior to the arrival of the summer holidays.

“We are doing well in the recovery, we are going slowly, but surely,” he said. “The conditions of the land connection with Quintana Roo have improved, people continue to arrive from Campeche, Tabasco, Chiapas, Oaxaca and the center of the country.”

“The reactivation of the Yucatan Week in Mexico and the extension of this exhibition in Monterrey and Guadalajara will help us a lot as a tourist promotion. The Mérida-Guatemala flight is about to start, it will be a new niche for medical tourism, shopping, and sightseeing.” 

Martín Pacheco said that the effort made by tourism associations and governments to carry out a very strong campaign in the national and international tourism market will be important because there is great competition.

All the states of the country are eager to have tourism as before the Covid pandemic for the benefit of the economic spill, but Yucatan has the enormous advantage of its good public security, its diversity of destinations, and its good services.

They encourage the use of face masks

The leader urged visitors and locals to use the mask in closed places to avoid coronavirus infections since they see that in the cities where the masks have already been eliminated, outbreaks are beginning to emerge. 

He even called for vaccines against Covid-19 to be applied, whose second booster campaign began yesterday for adults over 60 years of age. 

He also asked the delegations of Semarnat and Profepa to “take a little walk” to the Magical Town of the port of Sisal, where the invasion of the beach and the dunes with structures that the concessionaires call palapas is already worrying.

“I went to the port of Sisal and I see a worrying panorama on the beach, it is not worthy of a Magical Town, I found a lot of garbage, we do not know if those who install the palapas have permission, they are already building palapas in front of the summer houses and restaurants, they are affecting the image of the port and we must take care of the image of Pueblo Mágico.”— Joaquín Chan

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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