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Land trafficking in Yucatan: corrupt notarios facilitating real estate fraud 

- June 6, 2022

A well-known comedian is linked to a real estate fraud mess

The real estate mafia, with reach beyond Yucatan

The day before yesterday we published that the judicial authority of Yucatan is investigating one more case that is part of the activities of the real estate mafia, now with scope in Quintana Roo.

The investigation involves two Yucatecan notaries: one, Luis Silveira Cuevas , certified the granting of an apocryphal power of attorney; the other, Carlos Tomás Goff Rodríguez , attested to a sale based on that illegal document.

The target of this new fraud are two pieces of land located in Tulum, Quintana Roo, for which the owner’s usurpers obtained five million two hundred and forty-six thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight pesos, as indicated in the documents of the sale.

Power, key in land trafficking

In the two operations that we already mentioned, the power of attorney granted before a notary plays a key role, because it allowed the sales to be consummated on behalf of the owners.

The data collected shows the following:

—JCCP and PMBO (their names are omitted in the criminal case) denounced that upon the faith of Silveira Cuevas, head of Notary Public number 8, a power of attorney was granted in his name in favor of MRJ

Forgery of signatures of victims of land trafficking

—With that power, for which the signatures of the complainants were forged, MRJ proceeded to dispose of four properties in Tulum, without the right and consent of those who can legally dispose of them.

—Given these complaints and the results of the investigations, criminal proceedings were opened against the notary Silveira Cuevas, for the crime of falsifying documents. A few days ago, a court decided not to link him to the process.

—The acronym for MRJ that appears in the aforementioned file coincides with the name of Margarito Rodríguez Jiménez, who, as we published the day before yesterday, is the person to whom Alejandro VT allegedly granted a broad power of attorney —also on the faith of the aforementioned notary— to sell two land in Tulum.

—In both cases, the forgery of signatures was reported, among other crimes. In the second, which has not yet reached the courts, an expert report showed that the signature that appears in the power of attorney endorsed by the notary is false, that is, it does not correspond to the true owner.

The real estate passed into other hands

—The two properties we are referring to the day before yesterday were fraudulently sold to José Daniel Suárez de la Cruz, who later sold them to third parties before notaries in Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo.

—One of those pieces of land was finally divided into 16 lots, which in some way has complicated, not stopped, the legal process followed by the true owner for its recovery.

Israel Jaitovich, linked to a case of real estate fraud in which the identity of a Yucatecan architect was usurped.

The name of the well-known comedian Israel Jaitovich Cortés appears in the sale of a piece of land in Tulum that months before was seized, in a fraudulent operation, from a Yucatecan.

According to records of the Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Quintana Roo, the actor bought in December 2018 the urban lot identified as Lot 10 of block 940 of zone 11 of Tulum, municipality of Solidaridad, to José Daniel Suárez from the cross.

Land trafficking in Yucatan: Similarities in messes involving local notaries

The property is the subject of litigation due to a complaint by an architect from Merida whose identity was usurped to grant broad power in favor of Margarito Rodríguez Jiménez, who thus transferred the property to Suárez de la Cruz.

The anomalous power was granted before the notary number 8 of Yucatan, Luis Silveira Cuevas . The sale in favor of Suárez de la Cruz, based on that false document, was made before notary number 97, Carlos Tomás Goff Rodríguez .

Jaitovich Cortés is not the only purchaser of Lot 10 of Tulum. He had Cristina Paola Torres Padilla as a partner in the operation. They were left with 74 and 26 percent, respectively, of the property.

According to the data of the public deed, they paid two million 384 thousand 929 pesos for the property, with an area of ​​9,453 square meters.

TV actor in real estate business

Documents from the Public Registry of Commerce consulted by Central 9, the Grupo Megamedia Journalistic Investigation Unit, show that Israel Jaitovich and Cristina Paola Torres are shareholders of the company Corporativo Tulum y el Caribe, S. de RL de CV. They formalized it on April 13, 2018 —eight months before the operation with the aforementioned land— before Jorge Gilberto Parra Moguel, Notary Public 78 of Quintana Roo.

The purpose of the company is the purchase of real estate for the exclusive purposes of its disposal, urbanization, design, construction, subdivision “and other activities included in the development of real estate projects until the moment of its commercialization or sale to third parties.” It is dedicated to real estate investment, buying and selling, marketing, consulting, and/or management of real estate construction companies.

Lot 10 in Tulum, an extensive and well-known history

The so-called Lot 10 of Tulum has a long history, of which we have published extensive details.

Like Lot 13 of the same block 940 of zone 11 of Tulum, it was acquired on September 30, 2007, by the meridano AVT

At the end of January 2019, the owner found out, when consulting the electronic information systems of the Public Registry of Property of Quintana Roo, Playa del Carmen delegation, that a public deed testimony had been registered regarding a contract of sale.

The contract was signed by Margarito Rodríguez Jiménez, through a power of attorney that the legitimate owner had supposedly granted him before the notary Silveira Cuevas to sell the properties to Suárez de la Cruz.

  1. The illegal sale of the two properties was formalized on August 17, 2018, before Goff Rodríguez.
  2. Lot 13 was divided into 16 properties for registration into the registry offices of Quintana Roo.
  3. Lot 10 is the one that Jaitovich Cortés acquired, before the head of Notary Public 111 of Quintana Roo.
  4. The affected owner filed a criminal complaint about these events in 2019. Until now, the proceedings of the case continue.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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