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Bodies buried in Yucatan hostel could be french couple reported missing in San Cristobal de Las Casas

- October 17, 2022

Two bodies were found buried in a hostel in Valladolid, Yucatan and it is presumed that they may be the two foreigners reported missing.

Unofficially it is known that two bodies were found buried in a hostel in the municipality of Valladolid in Yucatan, which are presumed to be the foreigners reported missing a couple of months ago.

As we revealed in La Verdad Noticias, a couple of months ago, a woman of French origin requested help to locate her sister and her husband, Assya Madjou and Michel Amado, who live in the state of Yucatan and allegedly went on a trip to San Cristóbal de las Casas, without their whereabouts being known.

Bodies buried in hostel could be foreigners lost in Yucatan
The woman’s sister reported them missing.

Despite the publication of Assya’s sister, the Yucatan authorities kept the case completely secret and it was until last Friday that agents from the State Attorney General’s Office ( FGE ) in coordination with the State Investigative Police (PEI), They went to the ‘Catrina de Candelaria’ hostel located on Calle 48 with 35 and 33 in the municipality of Valladolid, where a search was carried out.

Unofficially it was learned that the place is owned by the missing couple and the search ended on Saturday, when two buried bodies were found, who are presumed to be the missing couple.

Bodies buried in hostel could be foreigners lost in Yucatan
A hostel in Valladolid and a property in Sisal were searched.

Among the neighbors it transpired that the foreign couple had been residing in Valladolid for several years, since they acquired the lodging business when they bought it from a man of Dutch origin. Miche Amado is said to have lived in Yucatan for 15 years, while Assya Madjou had lived in the state for two years.

As we already mentioned in La Verdad Noticias, the authorities have remained silent on the case, however a reliable source revealed that they could be foreigners reported missing, who were found buried in the patio of the place and it is presumed that they were murdered.

Missing foreigners were killed?

Bodies buried in hostel could be foreigners lost in Yucatan
The place was secured by the authorities.

It is worth mentioning that the evidence reveals that the foreign couple  could have been killed by two people who stayed at the aforementioned hostel, who took the time to study the foreigners and thus be able to rob them.

It transpired that yesterday proceedings were carried out on a Sisal property, owned by foreigners in search of evidence of what happened.

Among the neighbors, it was confirmed that on Saturday a unit from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) arrived, who were responsible for the removal of two bodies that were allegedly found buried in the patio and could be foreigners reported as missing, as well as indicated that a fetid odor was felt at the time of the proceedings.

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