Yucatan Real Estate Fraud Exposed


The Agrarian Court has already made official that the 800 hectares in Dzemul that businessman Rodrigo Rosas Cantillo claimed he bought from former governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco are communal lands, said commissioner Roberto Vera Catzim.

By being officially recognized as the land of the ejidatarios, it is shielded from any possible invasion attempt from now on, and the process of sanctioning those responsible will be announced in approximately a month.

“No one can even try to do clearing or work in that area again, and it has already been made official that they belong to us, therefore, it will also be up to the federal authority to determine the sanction for those responsible, and we hope that this also includes that they compensate us for the damages caused by clearing the low and medium jungle”, expressed the ejidal commissioner.

Vera Catzim stressed that the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) informed them that Rosas Cantillo and the person who sold her the land would be committing four crimes against those affected: fraud for the sale of land that is not owned by her, delimitation of lands that do not belong to them, dispossession, and environmental damage by deforesting without an environmental impact license and damaging a cenote.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection has already imposed a fine on Rosas Cantillo, since in the two hectares that he had managed to clear he affected endemic species and some in danger of extinction, in addition to closing the entrance to a cenote. It was found that the businessman did not have a land use or environmental impact permit. Now the authorities need to determine if there was fraud and delimitation of lands that do not correspond to them and impose the corresponding sanctions.

On October 22, the ejidatarios of Dzemul defended land that was being deforested by machinery owned by Rodrigo Rosas Cantillo, who claimed that the former governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco sold him the 800 hectares. On instructions from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources took over the investigation of the case.

The ejido titles and the lands of Dzemul are under study in the National Agrarian Registry and the Agrarian Court, since Semarnat is measuring another 2,700 hectares where the former governor presumes to be the owner of some land, which the ejidatarios deny when claiming that Ivonne Ortega does not has any land, since her father and her uncles were expelled from the common land years ago.

Source: Por esto