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- February 1, 2023

The animal was alone and needed help, today it is a giant cat that takes care of them.

The wisdom of the Mayan tribe is known throughout the world and today we can see a clear example of it.

The elders are from Petén in Guatemala and a few years ago they found a black jaguar cub.

They decided to breed him and although we don’t know if that was easy, the pup seems very happy that it was.

Perhaps the most difficult thing was feeding him because he requires a large amount of food. Today they have been together for many years and the jaguar already looks like a giant cat.

An adult jaguar weighs between 50 to 130 kilos and this one has undoubtedly been well fed.

The jaguar’s face denotes love for its humans. They even hold him very calmly in their arms and the scene is somewhat reminiscent of “The Jungle Book.”

These elders raised and cared for their jaguar without proper knowledge of the species, therefore what they did was trial and error, which until now has turned out well.

Today the couple is popular on social networks for their particular pet and because it shows that they have given love and received it back.

This kitty works better than any watchdog as he is a very agile feline.

The color of the jaguar is due to the production of melanin that gives it that tone and according to Wikipedia , cats with that color are called panthers.

These old people have a unique companion and today they are happy with him.

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