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Tourist had no interest in Merida Carnival

- February 24, 2023

The Carnival of Mérida passed and many hotels in the Historic Center never received the bracelets that the City Council promoted so much for visitors to go to the parades

In this way, the city council was exhibited, since they sold the event as of great interest for tourists who come to the Yucatecan capital, but the reality is that the authorities only tried to hang on to the notable influx of visitors in recent days.

The hoteliers indicated that the high occupancy rate had nothing to do with this festivity and the statistics from the Ministry of Tourism Promotion supported this statement.

In a hotel located in Parque Hidalgo, they indicated that they were only given a sign with the departure time of the free transportation for tourists.

On 60th Street they were more forceful. “We did not receive any bracelet and the truth is, the guests did not even ask about the Carnival. They prefer to visit the archaeological zones or quieter places to walk”, they exposed.

And it is that, during the Battle of Flowers, numerous tourists toured the Historic Center and boarded the tour bus.

Instead, transportation to Ciudad Carnaval were nowhere to be found. What’s more, at one of their boarding points they did not locate whether it was a van or a bus that was destined for the trip.

In two hotels in front of the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center, the bracelets finally “appeared”. In one of them they commented that about 20 were delivered, which were intended for 10 people, since each one would have taken a couple.

The mechanics was: blue bracelet to have a good place in the parade and another (pink, yellow or green) for access to a concert.

In the case of the second hotel in that area, they revealed that they kept all the bracelets they had despite offering them to their guests, who preferred to go to the Progreso Carnival. “They considered that the trip was faster, and they were also going to the beach,” explained the person in charge of promoting the bracelets.

Source: Por Esto

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