Can Uber enter the Merida airport? This is what you should know before opening the application


This Tuesday, February 21, at the Mérida Airport had a confrontation with an Uber driver after making him wait for more than half an hour and then denying him the service, since the platform prohibit loading passengers at the air terminal.

The airport is considered a federal zone, the service of this travel platform needs a special permit that they have to have, so on more than one occasion, elements of the National Guard have retained vehicles when they were surprised inside the airport.

The permission for Uber to operate in the vicinity of the air terminals is granted by the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and this restriction occurs in several airports in Mexico.

These measures create displeasure among users, which is why a route of the Va y Ven Transport Service had to be installed in Mérida, for the transfer of passengers and employees, to the city center.

Despite this prohibition, Uber continues to offer service to the airport in its application and some drivers choose to pay for parking, at an extra cost for the passenger, and thus be able to get off at the terminal with their luggage, without being fined or retained.

Source: Por Esto