Citizens will demonstrate against AMLO’s Electoral Reform in cities nationwide on Feb 26


Mexico: Citizens to demonstrate in cities nationwide on Feb 26 to denounce proposed electoral changes

Activists to demonstrate in cities throughout Mexico on Feb. 26. Heightened security, transport, and business disruptions are likely.

Activists from over 60 civil society organizations, including the National Civic Front (Frente Civico Nacional), plan to demonstrate in cities throughout Mexico on Feb. 26 to denounce ongoing electoral reform efforts by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO); critics allege that the reforms would weaken the National Electoral Institute (INE).

Protests will take place in over 48 cities across 28 states. Participation will likely vary by location, but several thousand people could attend the largest demonstrations. The largest demonstrations will probably take place at the following locations and start times:

  • Mexico City: Zocalo at 11:00
  • Morelia: Fuente las Tarascas at 11:00
  • Monterrey: Macroplaza at 11:00
  • Guadalajara: Plaza de la Liberacion at 11:00
  • Queretaro City: Plaza de Armas at 11:00
  • Merida: Monumento to the Homeland at 11:00

Although the action should remain largely peaceful, authorities will almost certainly deploy an increased police presence near each gathering as a precaution.

Clashes between protesters and security forces cannot be ruled out, especially if authorities attempt to forcibly disperse crowds. Localized transport and business disruptions are likely as well.


Avoid demonstrations as a precaution. If violence occurs, immediately leave the area and seek shelter in a safe, nongovernmental building. Seek alternative routes to circumvent related transport disruptions and allow additional time to reach destinations.

Do not attempt to navigate around protester-erected roadblocks; allow police to dismantle them before proceeding. Heed the instructions of security personnel. Confirm appointments.

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