Light Towers in Mérida, the first architectural design by Pininfarina in Mexico


The Light Towers- Design by Pininfarina complex in Yucatan, announced by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, will be the country’s first vertical residential tower and the first Pininfarina architectural design in Mexico, which with a joint investment by this renowned Italian group and Branson Developments, of more than 700 million pesos, generating close to 600 direct and indirect jobs.

Together with Bernardo Agustín Soto Branson, Commercial Director of Branson Developments, Vila Dosal witnessed the launch of this development that will be in the north of Mérida, with 17 floors, above 115 apartments, restaurants, bars, spa and a coworking area.

Vila Dosal affirmed that “in Yucatan we understand very well that the role of the government is to provide legal certainty and be a facilitator for investors, who are the ones who risk their capital and generate job opportunities.”

He recalled that in a meeting with the Association of Real Estate Developments of Mexico (ADI) it was confirmed that by 2023 and 2024 projects for more than 900 million dollars will reach the state from companies affiliated with this organization, as well as from the tourism, retail, and others.

Regarding what is happening in the territory, he indicated that the population is living a very important moment, because now there is no talk of economic recovery, but of growth, because while the Republic advances to 5.8 percent, here, it advances to 8 percent.

“We lost 25,000 jobs in the pandemic, we already generated 60,000, we already have 35,000 more jobs than we had before the pandemic. In addition, Yucatan continues to be the safest state in the entire country, and we managed to reduce the crime rate by 52 percent, and we have achieved this together, the Yucatecans,” said Vila Dosal.

Before Samuele Sordi, head of the Department of Architecture at Pininfarina, he stressed that, among the improvements being made in the entity to attract more investment, is the expansion plan for the Port of Progreso, which consists of increasing the depth of the navigation channel , in order to allow arrivals of ships of 10 thousand tons.

“If we improve our logistics, we lower the costs of what is produced in Yucatan and we become more competitive for the companies that want to come, but we also want to expand the width of the navigation channel, because today we receive cruise ships with 3,000 or 4,000 passengers, but those of 7,000 and 8,000 are passing us in front of us,” he explained.

Those cruise ships cannot stop there, “because they can’t maneuver; So, we are working very hard to achieve this and we already have a letter of intent with an Italian firm, which is Fincantieri and which our friends at Pininfarina surely know very well,” he emphasized.

Regarding the Mayan Train, he highlighted that during his meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador the issue of making a branch to Progreso was discussed, which would allow logistics to improve even more, so that the region becomes even more competitive.

Finally, Soto Branson acknowledged the support of the Vila Dosal administration to settle this real estate project that reflects the future of vertical housing, inspired by Kukulcán and Chichén Itzá, and announced that the construction process has an estimated time of 36 to 40 months.

Source: La Jornada Maya