Report sightings of monkeys in crops in Sinanché, Yucatán


  Farmers who have their lands on the former Santa Cruz de Sinanché hacienda reported the presence of monkeys in their community crops.

Silvia González, who has her land in that place, pointed out that in recent days she was lucky enough to see one of these mammals on the top of an avocado tree when she came to carry out her activities as usual. She affirms that it is the first time that she has seen the presence of these specimens, since they are not commonly seen in these parts.

The farmer mentioned that it is common to see species such as deer, coatis and wild turkeys, but never the presence of monkeys and, above all, that they are in a place where there is a presence of humans every day: “It was a monkey, enter my land and I was on a phone call, I saw that he got off and left, I did not have the chance to take his photo at that moment ”.

The witness asserted that the specimen was feeding on her avocados, where she was also astonished to see the wild one walk through her land during the afternoon, stating that she never thought to see one of these species in her small milpa, since they usually live in the high mountains and with great vegetation as they are frequently seen in the South of the State: “I never thought that there were monkeys close here, but I already saw that there are. He was funny, he was about the height of a two-year-old kid.”

However, she recalled that one of the landowners neighboring had commented to her that some time ago the presence of this little animal, “They had already told me that there was a monkey, but I did not believe it. I’ve seen other animals walk here and I believe it, but cute, it’s the first time I’ve seen them walk here in town”.

Silvia assures that the arrival of these species could be due to some migration that they have made from other parts in search of food, especially now that the dry season is about to begin and the production of various fruits such as mangoes, plums, avocados and one or another citrus that is grown in the cornfields.

However, she added that years ago, she had seen the presence of wolves in the local mountains, as well as large snakes, but over time she did not see these wild specimens again.

Now that she has seen the presence of primates in the Mayan jungle, people should take care of them and protect them so that they can be calmly in their natural habitat: “I already saw it, it is beautiful and curious. I would have liked to be able to photograph it and display it. Until now I have not seen it again on my land, but if I see it I will record it ”.

Source: Por Esto