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What is a ‘chop calle’ and why is it only used in Yucatan?

- March 9, 2023

The combination of Spanish words with Mayan has created different variations of phrases and idioms that are only used in Yucatan.

From the famous ‘nohoch’ to ‘xix’ are some of the words that are only said in the region, which is why it causes intrigue among well-known ‘outsiders’.

Yucatan has a great diversity of phrases that are currently widely used, highlighting the words in Mayan along with Spanish.

What is ‘chop calle?

Just as idioms such as albarrada, escarpa, sabucán, among others, have been used, in Yucatán there is a term called ‘chop calle’.

This means that you are in a closed street, using the word chop which means ‘closed’, making it clear that the street has an entrance, but not an exit.

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