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Why don’t foreigners want to live south of Mérida? 

- June 25, 2023

It is no secret to anyone that Mérida is divided into two, the North and the South, where different lifestyles are clearly noticeable, and that it has even been the subject of debate during campaign times and is taken into account by outsiders. 

This is perceived by foreigners, so-called people who come from other states to live in the ‘Land of the Pheasant and the Deer’, who, according to their possibilities, avoid the South area at all costs when they decide to live in the state capital. 

Every year 20,000 people from states such as Mexico City, Campeche and Quintana Roo decide to come to the city to settle, either for work, studies or looking for a new home. 

The foregoing has unleashed the real estate sector to grow considerably. In various parts of the north of the city there are projects for apartments and subdivisions that seek to house the new inhabitants. 

However, one of the questions that is asked prior to their visit is where to live. Most prefer to live in the North or near the Center, this because they have more purchasing power. 

Why don’t they want to live in the South? 

Most people see the South zone as a demarcation where public services are very lacking, such as: paving, garbage collection, electric lighting, security and drinking water service. 

In case of having it, a constant failure is registered that forces the neighbors to carry out constant blockades and demonstrations. 

Another reason is that most people who come to Mérida do so for work, so this area is far away. 

Source: Por Esto 

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