What do they call foreigners in Yucatan? 

- August 16, 2023

Identifying a person who comes from abroad is too easy and not only in Yucatan, but also in all of Mexico, that is why it is very common that when we visit a new place and travel, when we arrive, they ask us where are you from? Although Yucatecans are well known for speaking with a pounded accent, people who are not from the state are also easy to spot. 

To begin with, you can observe people from other states or countries in the Historic Center, with tourist guides, in the tour buses, which, although not only for visitors, are the ones who use them to get to know the city. 

Everywhere it is known that a foreigner is an adjective that is used to define that a human being or that a thing is strange, alien or that it is foreign. However, in The Land of the Pheasant and the Deer, like many words, there is a way to call these people who come to live in or know the state of Yucatan and its capital. 

When you are staying in a town or in the ‘White City’ itself, you may hear the so popular word ‘huach’ this word means: foreigner, a person from other parts of Mexico who is in Yucatan. 

The Yucatecans name huaches most of the time to people who come from Central Mexico, as well as people who come from Tabasco and Veracruz, mostly adults who have a gift for identifying everything, at first sight they can tell that a person is ‘huach’. 

In the Yucatan peninsula, it began to be given this name, adapting it from Mayan phonetics, to the military who previously persecuted the rebels, descendants of those who participated in the so-called caste war. 

The way of speaking that most identifies a huach is by the marked accents, as of each one of the people, as already mentioned, but you can also see the physical aspects, even by skin tone, since Living in the North of Mexico is not the same as living in the South, since each person adapts to their place of origin. 

Source: Por Esto

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