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Two-meter sailfish killed by jetskis in Progreso, Yucatán

- August 18, 2023

A sailfish measuring nearly two meters in length washed ashore after being struck by a pair of jet skis, whose operators ignored the complaints of several fishermen and locals. This situation is said to have become recurrent along the entire coastal area of Progreso.

The incident occurred before noon on Thursday, August 17th, when the jet ski activity and recreational boats forced local seafarers to keep watch over their smaller vessels, as collisions have also been reported at sea during this vacation season.

However, it was a marine specimen that fell victim to two strikes from a pair of jet skis less than three miles from the shoreline, specifically in the area where summer residences of out-of-town families are situated.

Following the escape of the two culprits after the crowd’s complaints, the fishermen proceeded to examine the condition of the fish, which unfortunately lost its life in less than ten minutes. A hole was dug right by the shoreline, where the specimen was laid to rest.

Before this marine animal was buried, several tourists used their cell phones to document the incident, as it was a type of “sailfish” measuring around one meter seventy centimeters in length and weighing at least fifty kilos.

It’s notable that there was no presence of ecological police. Witnesses mentioned that their presence is usually seen around the dunes, where just a month ago there was a heated encounter between the nautical committee and municipal authorities.

Due to the above, it has been requested through this correspondence to enhance surveillance in the western stretch of the coastal area covering the communities of Chelem and Chuburná, where both maritime and land-based tourist activities have been consistently taking place.

Source: Por Esto

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