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- November 26, 2023

The Mérida City Council considers being able to reschedule some 30 events that were canceled due to rain in the La Noche Blanca event. It was reported that the municipal Culture Directorate is completing a detailed report, while 90 percent of the scheduled activities were carried out, in some cases with a time delay.

As it was found, all the international events scheduled indoors were held, in the same way, those scheduled outdoors, as happened with the presentation of the Peter Pan Aerial Theater, and the Gigante de la Fura, by Spanish artists that was held on the Paseo de Montejo, where dozens of people came, applauded and enjoyed even under the insistent rain that occurred at night.

Reports indicate that the clothing, food and product bazaars were completed and shows in galleries and museums were completed, with some delays, in their case with minor influx of people than expected.

In the same way, some presentations, such as the case of the orchestra of Cuban musicians that offered a show at La Ermita, had their programming postponed for two hours, but in the end it was completed with the announced music show.

In some cases, the events scheduled in the Mejorada Park where comedians and actors from the Yucatecan regional theater, food trucks, all local artists, were not held due to weather conditions and new presentations are valued, with new stages for to be able to complete the activities agreed for the White Night.

The data provided has not established whether the activities outside the Historic Center were carried out, with the programming in neighborhoods and subdivisions of Mérida and the municipal Culture Directorate is collecting information to record the number of activities that were not carried out. As previously announced, the artistic-cultural activities would take place in Pacabtún, Castilla Cámara, Juan Pablo II and La Alemán.

It was also possible to establish that the drone show scheduled on 47th Street – a gastronomic corridor – was not held due to the rain and it is proposed to reschedule this event in another space, seeking to have a larger audience and to meet the requests of the many people who requested to be in this activity.

The information collected explains that, this day, a second day of activities will be held with suppliers from Circulo 47 and entrepreneurs in the Park of the Miguel Alemán neighborhood, to promote the micro and small businesses that invested in their presentation in this neighborhood and where They will include complementary musical and cultural activities.

According to the information collected, the municipal authorities must dialogue with the artists, musicians and creators who managed to complete their presentations, to reschedule the activities in the following days, as well as consider the agendas and spaces to be defined for these presentations, it was reported.

Source: Yucatan Ahora