“La Peni”, the first free digital immersive experience opens its doors in Mérida

- December 17, 2023

La Peni is transformed into an interactive digital ecosystem, the first immersive, cultural and free experience in Latin America

In 1895, the Juárez Penitentiary was inaugurated in Mérida, with 133 prisoners from the prison of the former citadel of San Benito and almost a century later, in 1981, the prisoners were transferred to other prisons and the penitentiary became a site for different offices.

Before the end of 2023, La Peni will transform into an interactive digital ecosystem, the first immersive, cultural and free experience in Latin America.

“To take back a space with history, emblematic and powerful, to give it to fun and culture, thus, like Segismundo, to achieve freedom from prison and open the horizon for the future of La Peni, as a place of meeting, creation and authentic social renewal,” reflected Jorge Contreras, creator of the new space.

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the La Peni interactive park was inaugurated, a 19 thousand square meter space that brings together the culture, traditions and history of Yucatán and projects it through interactive and digital technologies.

At La Peni, visitors become creators of a unique show in which they interact with light projectors, sound equipment, motion sensors, touch screens and lasers.

There are seven activities in which visitors can participate autonomously.

Seeds: With your smartphone, you must scan the QR code projected on the façade, which will take you to the WebApp to create your own seed. You can send it to the façade of La Peni and bring to life different animals from the region coexisting with the local flora.

Selfie Mode: Scan the projected QR to take a photo of yourself in selfie mode, with your screen brightness at maximum, and let your face be part of the large projection.

Cosmos: Create unrepeatable constellations on the large interactive wall. Use the interactive portals that are located in front of the ends of the La Peni façade or use the flashlight on your smartphone if you are located in the center of it.

In the order of time. On the façade of La Peni, use your smartphone’s flashlight to discover the hidden characters.

Energize the kites: In the stelae located at the ends in front of the façade of La Peni, you can energize kites with your movement. When finished, it will be launched to the facade where it will travel from side to side, like the meteorite that fell in Chicxulub, Yucatán 66 million years ago.

Four elements: In this Futuristic installation, located at the ends in front of the façade of La Peni (arches), go through the digital curtain of the portals with your body or arms to discover the different hidden elements

Great projection: Enjoy the essences of the past of Yucatecan culture with the Video Mapping projected over the 140 meters that cover the façade of La Peni, using digital and auditory elements, projecting a window to the future.

The advanced technology to project in large dimensions, and digital interaction spaces make La Peni similar to other artistic and visual experiences in the world.

The immersive experience at La Peni involves all the senses, and is designed to last in your memory.

Source: Excelsior