Reports of Purified Water Shortage in Mérida: No More Water Jugs Available


Small shops and other businesses in the neighborhoods of Mérida have reported a shortage of 20-liter water jugs due to increased demand caused by the heatwave.

Jorge Cardeña Licona, the former local president of the National Chamber of Commerce in Small Business, pointed out that since the onset of the intense heatwave, the demand for water jugs has risen in the city, resulting in empty shelves in various establishments.

“There has been a shortage of purified water. Some 20-liter water bottlers have had problems because they are not supplying as they should be. There is a shortage,” he indicated.

“Normally, they supply up to twice a week, but now they don’t even come to supply,” he expressed.

The interviewee declared that the demand for purified water grew by 100 percent in various sectors of the city, which apparently wreaked havoc on the bottlers, who are not keeping up and are facing difficulties in supplying this product to the small shops.

In general, he noted that establishments report up to a 40 percent increase in beverage sales due to the intense heat, such as sodas, juices, and energy drinks.

Source: Diario de Yucatan