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Security Operation Kicked off for Summer Vacation in Progreso 

- July 9, 2024

The municipal and state authorities have launched their summer vacation security operation along the Progreso coast, stretching from Chuburná to Uaymitún. The event took place on the traditional malecón (boardwalk) near the Juan Miguel Castro statue. 

Several government agencies and organizations, including the Red Cross and National Emergency Commission A.C. 31059, participated in the operation. Notably, the Secretariat of Public Security and the Directorate of Public Safety and Traffic will monitor activities in the port center, where most accidents occur on public roads. Police squads have been assigned to key points, including the area around the Poseidon statue and nearby streets. 

Last year saw a significant decrease in beachgoers who chose other destinations within the state, while this year has been marked by adverse weather conditions, resulting in at least five cruise cancellations in the first six months. Despite these challenges, the traditional malecón is expected to be bustling this weekend with the rescheduled Kibi and Torta Fair celebrating Progreso’s 153rd anniversary. 

Visitors from within Mexico and other countries continue to flock to the area around the Poseidon statue, despite recent controversy. Authorities are currently concerned about marine specimens appearing on the beach after Hurricane Beryl, including small starfish, giant octopuses, and nesting sea turtles. 

During the nearly three-week vacation operation from late March to early April, the local Red Cross exceeded its goal of 100 responses, helping 101 individuals. Thirty required transfers to private and public hospitals. While no drownings were reported along the coast, paramedics intervened in seven cases. Additionally, there were three injuries from marine animal stings and one from a scorpion sting. All these incidents were considered high-risk situations. 

Unfortunately, a man in his forties who seemed intoxicated ventured too far into the ocean on May 5 and met an untimely demise due to stability issues. The security operation aims to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer vacation for all visitors. 

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