Statuary of a female ancient Maya ruler found in Ek-Balam, Yucatan

A high-relief wall sculpture showing a female ruler subduing a captive male warrior was just uncovered, authorities in Mexico declared on Monday, February 27th. The statuary found at the Mayan ruin site of Ek’Balam, on the Yucatan peninsula, shows a figure wearing a skirt with crossed bones on it. The figure is shown holding the […]

Trophies made from human skulls found in ancient Maya city archaeological site

By Gabriel D. Wrobel, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University Two trophy skulls, discovered by archaeologists in the jungles of Belize, may help shed light on the little-understood collapse of the once-powerful Classic Maya civilization. The defleshed and painted human skulls, meant to be worn around the neck as pendants, were buried with a […]