The closure of Xibalbá is a “smokescreen” for AMLO Mayan Train environmental protest

The 4T consummates the closure of the Calica stone bank The threat of definitive closure of the federal government to the Xibalbá theme park, of Grupo Xcaret, is only a smokescreen to divert attention and that environmentalists do not continue criticizing the Mayan Train project, said Carlos Guillermo Aguirre Aguilar, president of the Association of Restaurants and Gastronomic Services of Valladolid. In addition, […]

“Exposed” Semarnat admits that there is no environmental study or authorization for Maya Train

Senator Xóchitl Gálvez filed a criminal complaint against Javier May, general director of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism ( Fonatur ), and against those who are responsible for the illegal felling of trees that takes place in the southeast of the country during the construction works of the Mayan Train. Gálvez, secretary of the Senate Anticorruption Commission, explained that until […]

AMLO administration takes over government institutions to propagate propaganda

Semarnat calls celebrities against the Mayan Train “pseudo-environmentalists” In the same vein as Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) called the celebrities who demonstrated against the Mayan Train “pseudo-environmentalists”. “Where were the pseudo-environmentalists when the real devastation began years ago in the southeast of Mexico?”, […]