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International companies moving to Merida Yucatan

- December 19, 2020

After Mexico City, to the south, there was nothing of them, except their shipments. Amazon had installed five distribution centers in Nuevo León, Jalisco, and the State of Mexico.

But yesterday, Jeff Bezos’ company made his arrival in Mayan territory official.

amazon merida

An industrial warehouse in Umán, Yucatán, will house the shelves and products that will facilitate the distribution of everything that the people of Cancun, Campeche, Mérida ask for.

This region suffers like all the economic decline, more in its tourist area. But it accumulates immigration that despite the crisis, seems logical, in anticipation of the peninsular train that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador envisions.

Less than three months ago, Walmart de México, a company that once seemed to enjoy almost solitary national consumerism, opened a distribution center similar to the one intended by the California native, just 30 kilometers from the municipality where Amazon will arrive, guided by its director of operations in Mexico, Diego Méndez de la Luz.

Walmart abre en Yucatán el primer centro de distribución omnicanal del país

In this region, people are beginning to speak of a metropolitan area of ​​Mérida that includes precisely Umán, plus the municipalities of Hunucmá, Progreso, and Kanasín. In the latter, housing prices advance at an annual rate of 6.1 percent in the middle of 2020, an indicator that places it above the national average and twice the rate of the Benito Juárez mayor of Mexico City, for example.

It happens that just before the pandemic, the Yucatecans fostered a virtuous circle. Investments from international companies such as AB Inbev came to Hunucmá to produce Grupo Modelo beers and to Kanasín others such as Leoni, a German auto parts manufacturer.

Grupo Modelo-ABInbev en Hunucmá, Yucatán

The state has had a growth in its manufacturing higher than the national average, for several years.

This activity is in addition to investments in new plants of local companies such as the glassmaker Grupo Millet, as well as real estate companies, such as Grupo Dicas, involved in urban projects that include the construction of a new building for a US consulate.

Two wind farms were inaugurated during the pandemic in Yucatán, a state that adds 250 megawatts in electricity generation capacity with the wind and 100 with the sun. They are 350 megawatts already in an entity that demands a total capacity of 900.

The arrival of these investments begins to gradually push up the low wages of Yucatecan workers and also generates the arrival of national and international immigration to meet the labor demand.

Fincantieri to build new ship repair yard in the Yucatan

In 2021, the construction of a shipyard of the Italian Fincantieri and that of two electric power generation plants of the CFE, promised by the federal government a few weeks ago, will begin. A group of investors is seeking approval for a new Merida airport for which Rogelio Jiménez Pons, from Fonatur, gave the go-ahead. All this attracts people and consumption.

Walmart de México, run by Guilherme Loureiro, inaugurated a distribution center in September to meet the 9 percent growth in regional demand, according to sources close to the operation. Amazon already served it but from the center of the country, which put it at a disadvantage in the face of fierce competition.

Mercado Libre, the company of Argentine origin, using commercial agreements, obtained an exclusive air fleet that will allow you to make deliveries in Mexico the same day that you make your purchase online.

Mercado Libre

Liverpool, a company that had just opened its second local store in the largest shopping center in Yucatán, La Isla Mérida, tries to get late into the online sales business triggered by the closure due to the current pandemic and placed it as the highest priority your online sales that you already compare to Walmart’s.


Beyond the great battlefields of Jalisco, Nuevo León, and the Mexican capital, Amazon’s new investment signals the growth of a southern development pole that Bezos and his team will attack with force.

Source: elfinanciero.com.mx

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