Mérida, an expensive city with future risks, reveal indicators


MÉRIDA.- In other parts of the country, Mérida, Yucatán, is seen as an ideal place to live due to its high levels of security, however other indicators demolish that idea.

According to Inegi, Mérida is one of the 10 most expensive cities in the country.

Food, alcoholic beverages, and gasoline registered inflation of 4.4%, a percentage higher than the 4.09% of the rest of the country.

For its part, UN-Habitat, in its Prosperous Cities Index, awarded the Yucatecan capital a zero inefficiency in the use of land due to “the fact that the urban area is growing at higher rates than the population, which implies an inefficient consumption of ground.

Crecimiento acelerado amenaza la sustentabilidad de Mérida – Yucatan Ahora

“Ineffective and unsustainable” growth

“This type of growth is ineffective, inequitable and financially unsustainable, ” he says.

The agency gave Mérida a poor score in the areas of urban governance and legislation, as well as in environmental sustainability, and a medium score in productivity and development infrastructure.

Another indicator to take into account is from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), which ranked Mérida in 67th place out of 73 in terms of the cost of electricity.

In addition, the growth of the urban area is located in the 69th place out of 73 cities evaluated.

What will happen to continue growing the same?

The College of Architects of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mérida warned that if construction permits continue to be granted without adequate planning for the growth of the city, its inhabitants will suffer from a lack of services and infrastructure.

The problems caused by urban growth were seen last year, when due to heavy rains the Las Américas subdivision presented flooding and drainage was insufficient.

Fraccionamientos de Mérida, con calles inundadas por lluvias de ''Delta''

Poor growth planning is one of the causes of the floods registered last year in subdivisions such as Las Américas, according to an analysis (Photo by José Valerio Caamal Balam)

In another area, the IMCO Urban Competitiveness Index places the Yucatecan capital in 66th place out of 73 cities in terms of salary equality.

In addition, during the First Regional Forum for a culture of Sustainability – held in January of last year – Mérida was mentioned as the eighth city in the country that emits the most CO2 into the environment.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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