Kinuh: A state-of-the-art nautical destination on the Yucatan coast


Yucatan looks toward premier tourism, and Telchac Puerto aims to be a nautical luxury area. In that municipality, now a fishing village, ambitious building projects associated with the marinas are being developed, and these are aiming to attract visitors with high purchasing power.

As an example of planned development in the area, there’s an outstanding project known as Kinuh, a complex that will house condominiums, residences, hotels, shopping areas, a marina, clubhouse, yacht club, sports areas and ecological territory.

The project also provides a series of ecological strategies, such as wastewater treatment, and with this service, it could become a candidate to have the distinctive blue flag.

That’s not all. Also expected is the promotion of the “Kinuh Route,” which encompasses several parts of the state and will be promoted among people arriving at the marina.

The sites that have been included in this route are Xcambó, Celestún, Telchac Puerto, Sisal, Progreso, Dzibilchaltún, Mérida, Cenotes Cuzamá and Chichén Itzá.

By communicating on social networks and through direct marketing strategies for visitors, tours to each of these sites will be offered.

The intention of creating this route is to generate a touristic dynamic between different parts of the state, combining cultural value with natural value.

In the case of the Xcambó archaeological site that is currently not visited much, it will be offered as an option to visit as it is only two kilometers from Kinuh.

In the case of Celestún, the main attraction is the pink flamingo. A magnet for foreign and domestic visitors, Celestún is the flamingos’ favorite place for breeding, feeding and nesting.

For each site a main symbol was selected to engage the future visitors arriving in the Yucatan Riviera by sea or land.

Comfort and Beauty

This real estate and hotel project includes spaces that offer great comfort, set in the natural beauty of Telchac Puerto.

Luxury Nautical Destination

There are currently two projects related to the building of marinas targeted to upscale national and international visitors.

One of them is the Kinuh residential complex, which is expected to be the main attraction for luxury tourism in Yucatan.

This residential space has an area of more than three thousand square meters, where 42 exclusive residences will be built, and will be divided into 14 buildings of three levels each.

Only about 70 kilometers from Merida, this complex will house:

  • Condominiums
  • Residences
  • Hotels
  • Shopping area
  • A marina
  • Clubhouse
  • Yacht club
  • Sports area
  • Ecological Territory

These amenities will provide visitors from other countries with different options to spend holiday periods.

The project is led by Grupo Canteras Peninsulares, which has scheduled development at kilometer 36 of the Progreso-Telchac Puerto road.

It is promoted as the ideal destination for retirement. In case of Americans and Canadians, they are looking for places to have an option for relaxation.

New employment ‘wave’

On the other hand, projects scheduled in Telchac Puerto are considered a hope for jobs, as they are expected to generate a wide variety of work when they open.

José Alfredo García Córdoba, mayor of Telchac Puerto, said the community is characterized for being a fishing area; however, for a couple of years this activity has ceased to be profitable, so these projects arrive as a job opportunity.

“These are extremely important plans. One extends from the entrance of the harbor to what was the Maevans Hotel. They will receive people who come from other parts of the world and the community will be involved in everything,” said the mayor.

It is estimated that for the start of the Kinuh project at least 400 jobs will open for different positions, and an agreement has been made for more than 70 percent of workers to come from the municipality.

Before the arrival of these two important projects, Kinuh and Media Luna, Garcia Córdoba considered it important to upgrade some services in the town, such as, for example, mechanics specialized in repairing boats and even pharmacists.

The mayor expects to increase tourism in the area, as it has potential to be an important destination for its natural beauty and for the tranquility it offers.

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