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Three sites in the Yucatan are declared State Cultural Heritage sites

- April 23, 2021
They are the Franciscan Convent, Izamal; the Mayan Theater, Xocén and Coso Artesanal de Tizimín

The plenary session of the deputies unanimously approved the declaration of the State Cultural Heritage the Franciscan Convent of San Antonio de Padua de Izamal; to the Mayan Theater in the town of Xocén, Valladolid; as well as the Coso Artesanal de Tizimín.

File:Teatro Xocén - panoramio.jpg - Wikipedia
Mayan Theater, Xocén

The PRI deputy, Mirthea Arjona Martín, who proposed the initiative, said that the Tizimín Artisan Coso is a work of art, the second-largest nationwide after the petatera in Colima and the largest in the Mexican southeast.

Every year, she pointed out, it has been made by hand for more than 200 years; with pure rope mooring, freshly cut woods from the region, such as: xuiul, bob, catzin, bojom, liana and huano palms.

Charloteros hacen reír al público en el coso - Punto Medio

“Those responsible for this monumental construction are the artisans, who preserve the tradition from parents to children respecting their rights since ancient times, as we said before, it is a cultural heritage that characterizes them and makes them unique, they are the beginning of the positive growth of a society”.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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