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Mexico has 18 gastronomic routes that cover more than 150 destinations

- May 5, 2021

If what moves you on a trip is its gastronomy, you have to know that in Mexico we have 18 gastronomic routes that cover more than 150 destinations. According to the Ministry of Tourism, around 500 thousand registered restaurants contribute 15.3% of tourism GDP and generate 5.5 million direct and indirect jobs related to food preparation.

That is why gastronomy is a key element for the economic recovery of the country’s tourist destinations. But how to do gastronomic tourism in the new normal? Despegar shared some recommendations:

Make a list. Of the places where you would like to eat the typical dishes of the destination you will visit and verify the measures that are being carried out; for example, if it is only open on certain days, check if the establishment requests a maximum number of diners, and so on.

Book before visiting them. To help the place have a control of the flow of people, and avoid crowded establishments.

Look for restaurants that have an outdoor or air-conditioned terrace. Guaranteeing the continuous flow of air in the environment.

Download the digital menu. So that you have it at hand and you can consult it.

Respect the sanitary measures of the place. Disinfection station when entering, physical distancing, use of face masks when moving around the establishment, etc.

Representative destinations of gastronomic tourism

Now that you know how to do it, we tell you some of the most representative destinations for gastronomic tourism at the national level, according to Despegar México:

Ensenada. It is characterized by its wines and its sea cuisine with local products such as lobster, clams and octopus.

Mazatlan. It is one of the main shrimp producers in the country, so many of its iconic dishes have it as their star ingredient, for example: ceviche, governor tacos, and aguachile.

Mazatlán – Sinaloa

Puebla. It is one of the most representative destinations for traditional Mexican food and has both pre-Hispanic and colonial roots. The mole poblano and the chiles en nogada are some of its characteristic dishes.

Oaxaca. The indigenous traditions of this destination have undoubtedly been reflected in its gastronomy, being one of the most outstanding for its variety and complexity. Among the most famous dishes are the Tlayudas, the Mole Oaxaqueño, the Chapulines, the Tasajo, the Pozole Mixteco and the Chocolate Oaxaqueño.

Gastronomía de Oaxaca

Merida Traditional Yucatecan cuisine is unique for its mixture of ingredients used by the ancient Mayans with the flavors of the Colony. The cochinita pibil, lime soup, papadzules and the Poc Chuc are some of its most emblematic dishes.

Descubre las recetas de comida yucateca más deliciosas y aprende a  prepararlas | Cocina Fácil

Finally, Alejandro Calligaris, Country Manager of Despegar México, specified: “The great offer and diversity of regional dishes that Mexico offers is unique. Without a doubt, Mexican gastronomy will be key to accompany the reactivation of the tourist industry ”.

Well, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), it is expected that gastronomic and nature tourism will be in the focus of the gradual recovery of tourism worldwide.

Source: elsoldemexico.com.mx

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