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Over 300 tons of trash from cenote in Chankom Yucatan removed

- June 14, 2021

Last Thursday, June 10, the cleaning of a cenote located in the town of Chankom was carried out, in which a bag of Sabritas from the 90s was recovered.

La Gas and the State Government participated in the cleaning of the cenote through the Secretariat for Sustainable Development.

Speleologists, representatives of the state government, as well as volunteers and people from the community gathered at the site, who enjoyed various activities around the Main Plaza, next to where the cenote is located.

As part of the work, a group of experts participated in the sanitation of the cenote, which is semi-open and free fall.

The professionals abseiled to enter the site, which has a depth of more than 37 meters and a diameter of 40.

Water contamination


The head of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development, León Felipe Gálvez García, spoke about the problems and contamination in the aquifer, which puts not only biodiversity at risk but also the health of the population that is supplied with the resource. water that these ecosystems store.

He added that the objective pursued by La Gas with these types of events is to improve the water quality and health of the Yucatecans through actions for the recovery of the ecological balance and the awareness of the population about their locality, both in wildlife and in The Biodiversity.

318 kilograms of waste were eliminated from the cenote during the intervention.

It should be noted that in 2020, a little more than four tons of waste were removed from 24 intervened cenotes, among which glass and pet products predominate.

Source: poresto.net

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