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After a year, they buried the victim of the cannibal of Leandro Valle in Mérida

- June 14, 2021

This Saturday the 12th, the remains of the victim of the cannibal de la Leandro Valle were buried in Mérida after the authorities handed over the remains to the family.

After a year of the terrible murder of a young man, the Yucatan authorities handed over the remains of the victim of the cannibal de la Leandro Valle to his relatives for burial.

The events occurred in the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), this Saturday, June 12, during the morning.

According to the first reports, the Fuentes Amaro family received the remains of young Roberto, which were transferred to the Xoclán cemetery in a hearse.

It was also learned that the family showed their gratitude to the authorities by requesting the remains of young Roberto, for which today they are already resting in the cemetery.

Roberto victim of the Cannibal of Leandro Valle

As we well reported in La Verdad Noticias, young Roberto was the victim of Izael Dzib C., who is behind bars and is still waiting for the final hearing where he is expected to be sentenced for qualified murder.

Let us remember that this homicide occurred on June 28, 2020, on a property located in the Leandro Valle neighborhood.

At first, the disappearance of young Roberto was reported after allegedly going to an ATM and not returning home and a few days later a strong fetid smell alerted a neighbor of the aforementioned colony and the dismembered remains of the young man were found.

After several days of investigations, the Yucatan authorities managed to find the so-called Caníbal de la Leandro Valle, who had already faced a process for violence against two elderly people, who were his parents.

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