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DiDi will offer a 0% service fee all month in Mérida

- June 15, 2021
  • A significant increase in mobility and consequent travel demand will be observed in Mérida due to the economic reactivation.
  • Drivers will have a service rate of 0% during June, and then it will be 10%, allowing them to generate greater profits on each trip
  • The Earnings Assistant function makes the connection time to the platform more efficient.

DiDi, the leading global intelligent mobility platform, announced that drivers in Mérida and the metropolitan area where DiDi has service will have a service rate of 0% throughout June, and 10% in the following months, even better. to that previously available in the city, allowing them to potentiate the earnings they generate as independent service providers, which are currently higher than the average salary of a professional person in the country [1]. The foregoing places DiDi as the most attractive option in the industry for drivers to generate higher profits and thus have a better quality of life with their families.

DiDi began operations in the Yucatecan capital in November 2018, as a flexible income alternative, for those who prefer to drive as their main activity or as a complement to existing ones. The company has remained at the forefront in supporting drivers and passengers, for example, the DiDi Hero or DiDi Vacúnate community support programs have no service fee. In addition, a constant collaboration has been maintained with the state authority to ensure compliance in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

“Mérida is one of the first cities where we started operations in Mexico, and we have seen that it has high potential in the economic reactivation process, with a significant increase in travel demand, which allows us to think about an incentive program and the best service fee to provide better opportunities to drivers registered on the platform and also to those who wish to join DiDi in Mérida, ” said Jordi Cueto, Senior Manager of Public Relations at DiDi Mexico.

Profit assistant

The DiDi Conductor app is integrated with the Earnings Assistant, a tool with which drivers can set an economic goal and the assistant will indicate peak hours for them to drive at those times and have more trips. In this way, they can achieve their financial goals more easily as their connection to the platform is more effective.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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