Merida police accused of rape and murder of José Eduardo could go free


Merida Yucatan; August 12, 2021.- The four elements of the Municipal Police charged with alleged crimes against José Eduardo Ravelo could be released before the evidence that exonerates them of the crimes they face.

The defense attorney for the elements, David Dorantes Cabrera, assured that the evidence gathered for this case is overwhelming, so he insisted that there is enough material so that the control judge does not link them to the process that is being followed to clarify the alleged homicide of the young man of Veracruz origin.

“For me, it is very clear, there is no proof of the suppose the participation of any of the 4 accused”, he pointed out.

“They have to go free, if we analyze, debate, and argue it is very simple, the prosecution states that there were a series of criminal acts at a specific time and time. If we can prove that more than 24 hours have been videotaped and that the events set forth did not happen, the result is an order not to be linked to the process, “he said.

According to the litigant, there are no grounds to establish that those accused of murder committed in a gang, aggravated torture, and rape, have participated in the act denounced, on July 24, by José Eduardo himself.

The main element, according to the defender, is that the young man could not establish that it was the municipal agents who had beaten and abused him, after detaining him in the center of Mérida, in addition to insisting that the entire process is documented.

“The direct victim declares before the Prosecutor’s Office and makes a reference, but to none of my defendants. In a matter of uniforms and stuff. He makes an indication of the units, of some pages that do not correspond to my clients, ”he explained.

Regarding the postponement of today’s hearing, the defender indicated that he requested some videos that he had not received from the Prosecutor’s Office, which he will have to analyze once he has them.

“We realized that we do not have the videos, I go to the Prosecutor’s Office, but they do not deliver them to me, so we had to request it from the control court, who issued an agreement and ordered the Prosecutor’s Office to deliver them, which they did just yesterday at 01: 30 in the afternoon. We had a few hours to verify it, “he said.

“The videos that we request from the establishments are those that we do not count and that they have to deliver to us today because the audience is tomorrow. They intend to violate the right of defense of the accused ”, he assured.

He also criticized that the accused agents have been exposed for this matter, which he referred to as a violation of the principle of innocence.

“These people have been exposed for extremely serious events that not only put their participation among them. We want there to be justice for the accused ”, he concluded.

According to Martín M. García C.

Police abuses in Yucatán began to appear since Mauricio Vila assumed the governorship of the state, since then, they have been hiding among themselves the evidence of their constant abuses of the population.

However, the discrepancies between Mauricio Vila, Governor of the State, and Renan Barrera, Municipal President of the Yucatecan capital, became incongruous with the death of the young José Eduardo Ravelo Echeverría, even though both politicians belong to the same party, the PAN.

Everything seems to indicate that Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal lied to the Yucatecan population by putting four municipal policemen under arrest, whom Renan Barrera Concha came out to defend since he had knowledge that it was state policemen who beat and raped the young man. Before the municipal agents, they arrested the young man to take him to the municipal jail.

All the evidence is in the security cameras of the famous C-4, but for convenience, they have not been released, because this would expose the great lie of Mauricio Vila Dosal while Renan Barrera Concha, not very satisfied, he had to keep quiet, by government orders and for the convenience of his political party.

The real events show a trap set for the detained municipal police officers, as they were called for “an interview”, upon arriving at the police offices, they already had their arrest warrants, they were handcuffed, they took photos and immediately the governor Mauricio Vila uploaded them to their social networks, to adorn themselves before the Yucatecans.

The trap orchestrated against the municipal policemen, became a great lie from the governor himself, all to cover up the real murderers of young José Eduardo.

The true answer of what happened to the young José Eduardo, are in the video cameras of the SSP, but these recordings have not been released by orders of Mauricio Vila, who with this, uses at his convenience all the billions of pesos invested in
technology, for the “Yucatán Seguro” program, which lately is showing with facts that he is no longer as safe, as he was before assuming the position of governor of the state …


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