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Judge orders the release of Merida police officers related to the rape and death of José Eduardo case

- August 13, 2021

Mérida, Yucatán, August 13, 2021.- The four municipal police officers will be released from the indictment for the homicide of the young man from Veracruz, José Eduardo Ravelo, who died on August 3.

At the hearing held at the Oral Justice Center of Mérida, Judge Rómulo Bonilla Castañeda, determined that, although the crimes were proven, there was not enough evidence to determine that the persons presented were related to the commission of the same.

Among others, the test data was offered and several videos were released that were requested by the defense of the accused to support their theory of the case, which were debated between them, the prosecutors, and legal adviser and that were finally admitted by the Control Judge .

Before the parties, the judge presented the reasons that led him to determine the order of non-association, in accordance with the provisions of the National Code of Criminal Procedures and the Federal Constitution itself and based on what was presented at the hearing and debated between are.

It should be noted that the order of non-connection to the process does not prevent the State Prosecutor’s Office from continuing with the investigation to clarify the facts. This was reported by the judge to the indirect victim present at the hearing.

The judge entered the merits analysis and determined the facts. He pointed out that the data does establish the existence of the 3 crimes and their commission in a gang.

All of the above is based on the data presented and the narration of the events made by the direct victim himself before the Ministerio publico, where he makes a list of facts and mentions that police officers, in addition to causing him injuries, caused him suffering.

The assessment of the forensic medical expert of August 3, 2021, reflected in the autopsy protocol and with the medical note sent by the O ‘Horan hospital, was taken into account. Likewise, aggravated torture and rape are recorded in proctological examinations.

He stated that the test data established the arrest of José Eduardo was after a call from a person who claimed that the young man threw a stone at him, which led to the police action on 69th street by 62nd and 64th of the center from this city. After which, in the next 4 minutes he was transferred to the municipal jail.

However, the circumstances of detention reported by the victim do not coincide with the evidence.

There is no doubt that he was detained by the municipal agents who locate the 4 accused in that intervention, these circumstances are not overlooked, said the judge, nor that they have been carried out by the police.

However, the judge considers that the evidentiary standard establishes factual data that does not prove circumstances, not even by way of probability, that they are the defendants referred to by the victim in his narration and complaint.

Source: reporteroshoy.mx, mexico.quadratin.com.mx

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