Merida money laundering and real estate fraud reaches pandemic proportions


Mérida, among the cities with “unusual operations” denounces the Treasury

White-collar criminals Rafael Acosta Solís and his partner, Julio César López, originally from Chiapas, are great money launderers.

The “investment lots” are actually a fraud and are the legal figure through which Julio César López launches money from the entire group of outsiders and uses multiple real estate agencies in the city in order to promote and sell his more than 25 developments.


Rafael Acosta Solís is not in hiding, he is practicing as a lawyer or lawyer rather. In common language, he is “litigating” in the Civil and Family Courts of the state, just as he reads it, litigating in files that involve family and minor rights, everything is in the hands of that criminal.

He personally attends the proceedings exercising judicial terrorism on the Yucatecan families and his presence in such dependencies is due to “defend” the cases, using corruption, extortion, and the fabrication of evidence in all his files.

A clear example was when he was Vice State Prosecutor: he plotted against Emma Gabriela’s family countless investigation files against her and his judicial strategy ended with her crime before the eyes of her children.

The main operator of Acosta Solís responds to the name of Julio César López, originally from Chiapas, he along with his four daughters who respond to the names of Mitzi Karen, Cristiana Guadalupe, Carina Guadalupe and Mariela Juliette López Roldán, have taken over hundreds of hectares in ejidos such as Hunucmá, San Ignacio, Motul, Telchac, San Crisanto, Chabihau, Sisal, Dzilam, Sitpach, Izamal, Celestún and Dzidzantún, among others, as well as different urban properties in the north of Mérida such as San Antonio Cinta, Benito Juárez Norte, Montebello and San Ramón Norte, to name a few.

The Chiapaneco works together with a team including Genaro Castillo Bolio, Alejandro Escoffie -who was involved in an ejido scandal of more than 100 hectares in the ejido of Ixil for not paying the lands of the ejidatarios-, Juan Ayala Núñez, José Elías Peláez León, Heracleo Rueda de León, Jorge Flota Calvo, Daniel Campos Güero and his wife Mirna Rendón de Campos, Germán Parra Saavedra and his wife Mirna Arellano Zárate, who are involved in the destruction of a house in Dzilam de Bravo, already who, accompanied by a convoy, arrived and seized a piece of land in the name of his daughter Sandra Getsemaní Parra Narváez, denounced by Infolliteras.

The pseudo lawyer Acosta Solís was responsible and in charge of directing this atrocity, who defends and advises the group since he is a member of the list of criminals named above.

Continuing with the story, Julio César López has several lawsuits in the civil courts for the spoils that he usually commits and in which he is “advised and legally represented” by his partner Acosta Solís.

The lands that Acosta Solís steals through its operator Julio César López, who in all parcel certificates and property titles shows himself as a peasant or ejidatario in countless ejidos, however, has his domicile in the Montebello subdivision.

We have a clear example in Motul: Julio César López, like his four daughters, obtained an infinity of land with the complicity of the now deputy Mario Peraza, who when he held the position of director of the State Cadastre, operated through the Uredi company Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable and attached the corresponding certificates.

Already with the lands obtained illicitly by his partner Acosta Solís, the Chiapas, together with a group of outsiders and the occasional local, divide and constitute the famous and very fashionable “investment lots”, in which they offer multiple services and amenities, and they even offer financing.

The “investment lots” are actually a fraud and are the legal figure by which Julio César López launches money from the entire group of outsiders and uses multiple real estate agencies in the city in order to promote and sell his more than 25 developments as can be seen through social networks.


The ejido-real estate mafia of Yucatán becomes the main source of money laundering, in which the controversial lawyer Rafael Acosta Solís advises alleged businessmen and investors from various states to invest in lots of great value, distributed in various municipalities of the entity.

Based on the documents owned by Sol Yucatán, there are at least 11 “investment project developers” that already have their respective public deeds, corresponding to lots, ejidos, rustic and urban properties, located in Dzidzantún, Hunucmá, Ixil, Motul and mainly in Mérida.

The ambition of Acosta Solís is such that he has defrauded more than 50 ejidos of the State, for which he has become the owner of hundreds of hectares, at the same time he has allowed his clients to own lands, which were bought at low prices. cost and resold in millionaire amounts of money.

Given the success obtained with the manipulation of the Law, he now works for a group of people, from various states, who are dedicated to dispossessing Yucatecan ejidatarios and their families of their lands and assets.

Acosta Solís, who left politics to fully join the ejido-real estate mafia, advises alleged businessmen from Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Tamaulipas and Yucatán.

Among them are Elías Peláez León, Germán Parra Saavedra, Jorge Arturo Flota Calvo, Herácleo Rueda de León, Daniel Campos Agüero, Adán Ordaz Azueta, Genaro Castillo Bolio, Alejandro Escoffié, Juan Enrique Ayala Núñez, Julio César López, and Patrocinio Consuegra Lau.

The so-called “investors” do not create jobs, do not provide benefits to the state, and much less pay taxes, in addition, the money is ill-gotten, so it is the perfect money laundering.

That is, they only come to commit crimes to the State, legally advised by Acosta Solís, for which they use resources of illicit origin that they bring from the different states from which each one of them comes.

It should be noted that these individuals live in the best and private areas of the North of the capital city, use luxury vehicles, frequent the best restaurants in Mérida, and even attend Sunday masses and take communion, all for the Yucatecan society to see. .

All of them commit the same crimes in the ejidos where they have acquired their properties: threats, kidnappings, attempted homicides, harassment and harassment, and even judicial terrorism, fabricating investigation folders without foundation.

In addition to bribing and obstructing through any resource and even availing themselves of amparos, they administer justice by their own hand, they expand and entangle files, both of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), as well as of the Civil and Family Courts.

The former militant of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is always at the service of those who pay the most, so it is incredible that this criminal is allowed to litigate in the different dependencies of the State Judicial Power, as he is used to harassing, intimidating and threaten their counterparts.

Despite the numerous complaints against him, he still maintains his professional license, which is why he is a white-collar criminal and does not mind destroying assets and entire families.


Ejidatarios of Samahil who resist the sale of 1,700 hectares in favor of Acosta Solís, denounced that they were offered 68 million pesos for those lands, which is why they went to the offices of the National Agrarian Registry (RAN) to request that the minutes corresponding to four assemblies are not registered before that instance.

The secretary of the Samahil ejido, Lorenzo Canché Balam, denounced the arbitrariness of Acosta Solís, who in less than 24 hours went from being a businessman to an ejidatario.

Accompanied by members of the Peasant Front in Defense of the Land and Life, he went to the RAN offices, explained that the millionaire amount was distributed among the 305 ejidatarios, to whom 37 thousand pesos corresponded, so the square meter was sold for four pesos.

The commissioner of that nucleus promoted different proceedings in record time so that the businessman could take over his lands, under the pretext of creating an industrial park on the 1,700 hectares that had already been sold.

During the event, the land speculator was first admitted as a resident, so that he could have the right to buy, and then he was accepted as an ejidatario.

Later, they gave him permission to survey the land that he bought there and then so that the change of use of destination could be made, all in just one day.

He indicated that the problem has worsened because almost the entire ejido agrees with what Acosta Solís offered, regardless of leaving the future of his children in the hands of a private individual because he cannot inherit land from them to make them produce.

Lorenzo Canché became, along with six other ejidatarios, the only people who defend their heritage in a dignified way, for which he asked the authorities not to leave them abandoned.

In 2017, the Hunucmá ejidal assembly dismissed Acosta Solís as advisor to the ejido of this municipality and the Vigilance Council chaired by Jorge Alonso Ek Uicab, brother of former ejidal secretary Luis.

The ejidatarios unanimously elected Celestino Canul Chac, as president of the Vigilance Council.

About 400 ejidatarios attended the second call so that the assembly could be held since the first call did not achieve the necessary quorum.

Only 35 ejidatarios voted for the permanence of Acosta Solís on the Vigilance Council, made up of Jorge Ek, Audomaro Cob Uc and Aurelio Chay, who on November 28, 2016, tried to remove Pedro Alfonso Tzuc Cetina as communal commissioner.

Agents of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), aboard two vans, were alert for any disturbance of order, but there was no need for them to intervene.


At the beginning of September 2019, ejidatarios of Hunucmá reported to the FGE the former deputy attorney, Rafael Acosta Solís, for theft of cash and documents, to the detriment of Mr. Wilbert Chuil Quintal.

In a video, dated Friday, August 30, it can be seen that Acosta Solís and an assistant were at the offices of the Unitary Agrarian Court (TUA) number 034 in Mérida, where they took a seat in the waiting area.

The complainants said that the former official and his companion seized a bundle with 2,625 pesos and minutes of the land purchase and sale assembly.

The legal advisor of the so-called Campesino Front in Defense of Land and Life, Margarita Plácido Rivero, reported that the evidence was presented in the complaint filed with the Public Ministry on the same day, so it is expected that the judicial authorities will determine that there was fraud in action and punish yourself.

He recognized that the new criminal justice system entails the possibility of conciliation and reparation of the damage; however, it would represent a precedent against Acosta Solís, whom he pointed out as responsible, together with a group of businessmen, for dispossession of land at very low prices in at least 10 municipalities.

Plácido Rivero mentioned that Acosta Solís is involved in illegal operations to buy and sell land through rigged assemblies and to usufruct up to two thousand hectares of land at a low price, for the benefit of buyers with surnames Briceño, Millet and Abraham.

Deputy Attorney General during the government of Ivonne Ortega Pacheco and then an advisor for part of the six-year term of Rolando Zapata Bello, Acosta Solís is linked in arbitrary acts to favor investors, according to what the lawyer has exposed.

Wilbert Molina Uz, from the Lepan ejido, from Hunucmá, stated that the former deputy attorney general has made purchases at low prices in Samahil, Acanceh, Tecoh, Chocholá and Ixil, among others.

“He has bought thousands of hectares, as happened in the most recent case in the Samahil ejido, where he appropriated more than two thousand hectares.

“Although it may seem incredible, the assembly from which he bought with 64 million pesos awarded him more than 2,600 lots, violating what the agrarian law says that an ejidatario cannot have more than 5 percent of the lands of the ejido” , said the complainant.

For these events, the TUA was visited on August 30, 2019, and “without scruples of any kind, in the company of another person, he maliciously stole the backpack from our colleague Wilbert, where he had his personal identification documents and the little money that he obtains from the fruit of his lands, which he refuses to sell 


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