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Real Estate industry booming in Yucatan

- September 21, 2021

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 20, 2021).- Despite the adversities that the coronavirus pandemic has implied this year, the housing industry continues its recovery in Yucatán. As of June 30 of this year, 4,379 houses had already been purchased in different parts of the state, of a goal of 10,000 expected for the year 2021, declared the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi) .

The president of Canadevi in ​​the State, Eduardo Ancona Cámara, stressed that these homes are new and were acquired by some means of financing, however, some people acquired a house on cash, as part of a private sale and purchase operation, around a 10 percent of the total.

In this way, he explained, in the first half of the year a little more than five thousand homes would have been sold in the state, to which should be added, the type of used houses that are offered in the market, although new homes represent the largest economic spill and the generation of jobs for the sector.

“Five thousand homes have been sold so far this year in Yucatan, and normally the second semester of the year is the strongest, due to the development of the projects, the sources of financing and the credits; purchases are activated with the economic capacity of people, which is stronger in the last quarter when savings funds and bonuses are received, so many people buy a house around November and December ”, he explained.

He considered that the fact that half of the goal has been met in the first semester is very positive since normally the second half of the year has a much stronger “milestone”, also encouraged by the fairs and the Housing Expo, which will be held in a hybrid format from October 7 to 17.

“The second semester is always between 10 and 20 percent higher, so we are confident that we are going to close well and the Housing Expo represents one of the most important commercialization events, so it is no coincidence and from the beginning, we proposed that this event will be held in October ”, he stressed.

Ancona Cámara explained that, in this way, if business appointments are made in October, in the months of November and December there is time to close the sales since buying a house takes a little longer process than acquiring another type of property products.

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