CFE subsidies will end, keep an eye on your electricity consumption


You have to be very careful in this phase of change because if you overdo the use of electricity, your pocket will demand it a lot.

Mexico. – It was on May 1 when the Federal Electricity Commission officially activated the 2021 summer subsidy for the season with the highest light consumption due to high temperatures 

The so-called summer rate will end on October 31st and the ideal is that you prepare yourself since as a user, you will have to say goodbye to this government support.

With the summer subsidy, the support that consists of a contribution by the Government that is reflected in the notices received was kept active for five months and allows the population to see their billing reduced by up to half the amount that would correspond to pay.

Take into account that from the first minute of November, the kilowatt will be more expensive, so it is important to keep these considerations in mind, and dates, so when the time comes, do not take risks using electricity better, turning off equipment that you are not using. and turning down the air conditioners, yes, although in your region the heat continues to hit. 

The normal or winter rate will arrive without the subsidy, and that for each one of the 300 kilowatts you will pay 0.645 pesos, contrary to the 0.643 in September that gave you the corresponding subsidy, for basic consumption.

So go take precautions “help a little by turning off a bulb” and get ready, since October will be the last month in which you can enjoy the subsidy, then pay more if you did not measure yourself.

In the CFE’s household tariff scheme, there are 7 classifications (01, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F) that include reductions by the company. However, one of them (Domestic High Consumption Rate) does not have a subsidized scheme.

Keep in mind that the DAC only applies when the monthly or bi-monthly consumption of the last 12 months, exceeds the limits established by the CFE. That is why we recommend that you review your electricity bill to understand the consumption of your home, identify your current rate, and avoid exceeding the established limits.


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