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Attention Expat Baby Boomers; Is there a maximum age limit to drive in Mexico?

- October 24, 2021

In other countries, there is a limit for people to stop driving.

Do you know what is the maximum age in Mexico to continue driving?

When looking at the traffic regulations of Mexico City as in the rest of the country’s entities, we can’t find that there is a maximum age for a person to stop driving.

However, with age, the periods to renew the license are reduced. From the age of 60 to 80, it can only be renewed for five more years, and people over 80 must renew it annually.

Although in Mexico there is no maximum age to drive, in other countries there is a limit for people to stop driving.

In the United States, Japan, and Colombia it is necessary for people over 70 years of age to carry out a motor and visual examination to determine if they are still fit to drive, while in countries like Peru the age limit is 70 years.

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