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Yucatan police murder and rape of José Ravelo goes unpunished

- October 29, 2021

The mother of the young José Ravelo explained that she rejects the version of the Prosecutor’s Office and said she was incensed because she was not notified

Relatives of José Ravelo, a young man who allegedly died after being detained by municipal police in Mérida, Yucatán, rejected the opinion presented by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in which it is assured that he died due to pneumonia and not because of the blows that he allegedly suffered.

María Ravelo, the mother of the young man, explained that she rejects the version of the Prosecutor’s Office and said she was outraged because she was not notified but found out through the media.

He indicated that his lawyers are still analyzing the investigation file so that an opinion could not yet be given on the matter and that he will proceed against the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Of course I don’t think so, no way that my son is going to rape himself, he is going to hit himself; they have to give me a broad explanation of what they are saying, they have to prove to me how it was that my son raped and hit himself, “he explained.

He indicated that he will travel to Mexico City to meet with members of the FGR after rejecting the ruling.

He also said that he let the prosecutor know that he suspected that the hospital had not acted correctly because the day before his son’s death they called him to tell him that the young man had a slight improvement.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of Mexico ruled out on Thursday that the young José Ravelo, allegedly abused and killed by police officers, was raped by police officers and detailed that he died due to pneumonia.

“The investigation of the events confirmed that there was no torture, or rape, by the arresting elements of the Municipal Police,” the FGR shared in a bulletin.

Ravelo was detained on July 21 by Yucatan policemen and, after his arrest, he spent four days in intensive care in a hospital, where they detected a punctured lung and tears in the anus, according to his mother, María Ravelo, denounced then.

But on August 13, four accused officers were released because the judge said there was insufficient evidence.

The FGR shared that on August 18, 2021, the young man’s mother filed a complaint with said institution and the investigation began for the probable commission of the crime of torture.


“From that moment on, the Prosecutor’s Office collected more than 50 testimonies; he also carried out 45 expert reports on various subjects (forensic medicine, chemistry, genetics, injury mechanics, criminology, audio and video, and computer science, among others); plus 35 reports from the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), and three ministerial inspections, ”the agency detailed.

The video recordings of the events were also analyzed, from the arrest to the arrival at the prison and their stay in the prison.

“From the analysis of all the videos, there is no violation of human rights or the commission of any crime. Restraint maneuvers are only observed with respect to the person who resists arrest, ”explained the Prosecutor’s Office.

At the end of August, the body was exhumed and a necropsy was carried out, in which it was concluded that Ravelo “died of pneumonia not related to any trauma received during his detention.”

Even so, the FGR detailed that there was “falsehood in ministerial rulings.”

“For this reason, on October 18, the power of attraction was exercised, on the allegedly responsible conduct of personnel of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Yucatán that falsified expert opinions and unlawfully pressured witnesses, with the purpose of exercising criminal action against municipal police ”, continued the Prosecutor’s Office.

Finally, the FGR explained that they will continue the investigations regarding possible medical negligence, on the part of doctors responsible for the General Hospital of the State.

For its part, the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV) expressed its “surprise at the conclusive statements made by the Prosecutor’s Office on the case, since the investigation is in an inconclusive preliminary phase.”

The CEAV claimed a lack of sensitivity and had not previously notified the family, who claimed to have found out through the media.

“The family of José Eduardo, like anyone who approaches a prosecutor’s office in search of justice, deserves dignified and priority treatment in access to information about his case,” they stated.

Finally, the CEAV urged the Prosecutor’s Office to detail the criminal actions that it will carry out against the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Yucatan for the probable alteration of evidence by ministerial officials.

Source: yucatanalamano.com, tvazteca.com

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