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AMLO breaks another promise to Yucatán

- December 29, 2021

President López Obrador had offered to Governor Vila Dosal that before the end of 2021 he would announce the guidelines of the Technological Pole of Wellbeing project in Yucatán

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- It seems that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will leave Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal badly because he offered that before the end of 2021 he would announce the new guidelines, incentives, and conditions for the Technological Pole of Wellbeing project in Yucatán that would replace the disappeared Special Progreso Economic Zone.

A few hours before the end of this year, President López Obrador has not given the news of the creation of the new Welfare Technological Pole and the local representation of the National Chamber of the Electronic Industry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Canieti), which is close to the project in Yucatán, does not have updated information provided by governor Vila Dosal in his speeches.

Project still alive

“We still have no news, it depends on the decree of the federal government, it must happen as the governor has announced,” informed the local president of Canieti, engineer Eduardo Alvarado Mujica. “The important thing is that the project is alive, the creation of this electronic pole continues.”

As far as Engineer Alvarado knows, he said, the project is not very advanced, or is not known, because the information depends on the federal government. However, Canieti hopes that this technological pole will materialize because it will benefit all productive sectors, technology, electronics and innovation companies because the Yucatecan industry is constantly improving its technology units.

Presidential project

On several occasions, in his account of important projects, the arrival of new companies and investments, Governor Vila Dosal highlights the Welfare Technological Pole, a presidential project that will have its greatest development in Oaxaca.

The last time the governor spoke about the Technological Pole of Yucatán was on November 24 within the framework of the 115th anniversary of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida before the business and political class of the State.

President’s commitment

“Another very important project that I hope will be announced at the end of December is the Welfare Technological Pole,” he said in his speech that day. “They will surely remember the famous special economic zones that were canceled. I spoke at length with the president (López Obrador) about the special characteristics of the area, which was taking place in Yucatán. Well, I have the president’s commitment that, before the end of this year, those 300 hectares will be announced, plus the lands of the Science and Technology Park that will have a special incentive program, focused on issues of information technologies and electronics. This is important because we are, now yes, twinned with the Transismic Train project. This project (of the Technological Pole) has not been announced because 10 of those areas are going to be built in Oaxaca and the only other that is going to be in the rest of the country is going to be the port of Progreso. Until you have ownership of these 10 from Oaxaca (2 were missing) and the paperwork should be completed in the month of December ”.

Another broken promise

On December 20, the newspaper published that the offer made by the head of the Ministry of Energy to Governor Vila Dosal to increase from 140 million to 280 million cubic feet of natural gas to Yucatan for this year will not be made. Yucatecan industrialists regretted that another year is about to end without the federal government fulfilling its promise.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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