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Tulum hotel employee found stiff in a hotel room after taking English tourist drugs

- April 21, 2022

Tourist from England brings drugs into a hotel in #Tulum and the employee consumes it.

So far it is unknown if the hotel took legal action against the employee or the visitor, due to the entry of narcotics into the room.📱#Twitter user: @nickthomson_4

Tremendous surprise that a British tourist in Tulum encountered because upon entering his hotel room he found a chambermaid “stiff ” in bed.

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The subject immediately requested the help of the hotel service, who upon arrival at the scene was able to verify that he had inhaled a substance that he would have found in the room.

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The tourist’s reaction was astonished, as he realized that the subject had inhaled Ketamine, a kind of sedative that would have paralyzed his body, which is why he had been shared on the networks where his story is already viral .

Chambermaid “stiff” goes viral on social networks


One more story of social networks, this time starring a chambermaid and a foreigner who was spending a few days off in Tulum, Quintana Roo.

“I came back from breakfast only to find that the maid found my bag of special k (ketamine). The ‘pendejo’ must have thought it was cowie (ecstasy), and we found him stiff,” the post reads.

Of course, the images of the subject became viral on the networks, although comments abounded about his actions when taking other people’s things, his face was funny due to the state in which he was found.

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Fortunately, the chambermaid is in perfect health and he should only take into account that he should not inhale substances that he does not know about, or at least take them without permission.

What effects does ketamine produce?

What effects does ketamine produce?
What effects does ketamine produce?

But to all this… What is Ketamine? In various sources of information, La Verdad Noticias was able to find that this drug is used as a medicine for its sedative, analgesic, and, above all, anesthetic properties.

However, due to its dangerousness, this drug could cause loss of consciousness, coma, seizures, strokes, suffocation, and cardiac arrest if consumed in large quantities.

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