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Yucatan Mayan Train Workers protest over poor conditions and mistreatment

- June 16, 2022

They accuse INAH staff of asking them “to leave” if they don’t like the job.

Some 150 workers who work in the construction of Section 3 of the Mayan Train carry out a protest demonstration at kilometer 7 of the Merida-Tixkokob highway to demand better working conditions from INAH and the Azvindi Ferroviario company.

Workers of the Mayan Train in Yucatan ask for better wages

To begin with, the workers demand better salaries since, they say, since they started working on the construction site they receive the same salary of 1,400 pesos a week, when in other sections double is paid.

They also pointed out that the archaeologist David Medina, from INAH, warned them that ” if they don’t like the work, they can leave .”

Mayan Train workers denounce mistreatment and equipment in poor condition

“The man himself treats us badly and the safety equipment, such as boots, vests and helmets, are in poor condition.” 

“Besides, the emergency teams are never there,” lamented Francisco, one of the protesters, who preferred not to provide his full name for fear of reprisals. 

The protesters assured that their work is at risk for demanding adequate working conditions and their weekly salary as well.

They block access to the site where the construction material is

Around 11 in the morning, the complainants blocked access to the area where the material for the construction of the section is located.

They warned that they will not lift the blockade until a federal authority appears to start a dialogue table or mediate in the situation.

Around noon, a group of people from the company approached to talk with the protesters.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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