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Merida new electric carriages a dismal failure

- July 25, 2022

In Mérida, tourists ask for horse-drawn carriages.

Almost two weeks after the electric carriages came into operation, those pulled by horses continue to be the most preferred by people, service providers pointed out.

“There are two types of people. There are people who like to ride a horse at a trot, but there are also those who like the electric one. In fact, several who pass by say that they do not trust the electric one and that they prefer a horse, ”said Manuel Torres Velázquez.

In addition to driving the electric, Manuel still keeps his horse carriage, which he alternates to work.

Yesterday he had the electric one and today the horse one. Intersperse both vehicles, has allowed him to realize that people still prefer the horse. “Some approach us and ask us where the little horses are and they go there.”

Approached in front of the Casa de Montejo, the place where they were assigned to board passengers, Manuel Torres pointed out, however, that in the first week of the vacation the clientele is already low.

“Last week (in the electric company) the work was good, as it was a new thing, they looked for it; but this Monday he took a downturn, ”said Manuel. For example, he left yesterday Wednesday at 11 in the morning and until 4:30 in the afternoon he had only taken one trip. —Ivan Canul Ek

Low demand for carriage rides

“Even with the companions who drive horses, the demand dropped, but this weekend it must be fixed because more tourism arrives and conventions are coming,” said Manuel Velázquez, electric horseman.

He shared that the tour he offers is approximately 40 minutes and takes the same time as the horse carriage. Of course, he has to be aware of the battery life to avoid being left halfway.

Although they were told that each recharge should last between 8 and 12 hours, this is not the case, he reported. “When you turn on the light at night, as it is LED, it consumes more and if you accelerate more, you spend more current”.

Ángel Solís, who still drives a horse-drawn carriage, assured that they continue to have good customers, and that the arrival of electric carriages has not affected them, although he does not know what could happen later because “only God rules.”

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