Japanese program challenges Yucatecans to eat the “spiciest ramen” for 500 pesos


One of the best-known television stations abroad, “TBS”, visits Mérida with the “Sekakura” program, testing people’s resistance to spiciness by inviting them to eat an extremely spicy Ramen (soup) promising that if they manage to finish it, they will be able to receive a prize of 500 pesos.

This challenge has been taken to three other places, testing 60 people, of which only 17 (4 in Korea, 4 in Thailand and 9 in India) have been able to pass the test, while in Mérida no one has been able to pass it so far. Before being able to participate in the challenge, the contestants must sign a responsive due to the strong spice, since some have ended up vomiting and with stomach pain.

The Japanese host Mika indicated that because of the chilies that grow in the Yucatan Peninsula, she has a lot of hope the locals can overcome the challenge, so she will put 20 Meridians to the test in the “spiciest ramen” challenge.

“I couldn’t finish even half of it, it’s not a chili like the one we eat here, this spiciness burns your throat and suffocates you, it’s like eating two habaneros together, the one who said we had the hottest chili lied,” said Guadalupe N., who ended up vomiting before having consumed half a container.

The improvised location was placed at the main entrance of the Lucas de Gálvez market, where so far there have been five the brave ones to participate in such a challenge, the obligatory question of the organizers, is do you dare?

Source: Por Esto