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Villas 72: A beautiful hidden Airbnb in Merida

- January 6, 2023

Yucatan is a land where romance flows in every corner, where harmony and peace can be felt at every step, that is why in the eyes of the world, Mérida becomes a tourist destination that is increasingly visited by all types of travelers.

We do not stop surprising ourselves every day, since in the white city, there are many hidden gems, many cafes, bars, galleries, and dream accommodation options, today we are going to show you our latest discovery: Villas 72

It all begins in an alley in the emblematic calle 72 in Mérida, a street of yesteryear surrounded by beautiful houses, a few steps from the historic center; Right there, perfectly located between Parque de Santiago and Avenida Cupules, is Villas 72.

A beautiful sustainable concept in Yucatan, created with pre-existing materials and an impeccable interior design based on Mexican artisans.

With an Instagram-perfect design, Villas 72 is a Merida lodging option that’s gorgeous to behold from start to finish. The colors and structure of Villas 72 make a ‘Love match’.

Today, the atmosphere and vibe of a place play an important role when it comes to enjoying an experience. At Villas 72 we were able to feel with our senses a vibrant stillness, the kind that many feel when visiting the city of peace.

This Airbnb is ideal for staying both as a couple or as a family, especially for those looking to enjoy a city full of culture and art.

Each space in the villas is meticulously designed to show the luxury of craftsmanship, to exalt the materials and talent found in Yucatan.

The wood, the textiles, the materials and the design are yet another example of the beauty of Yucatan and the height of the projects that are born in this area of the world.


Being in one of the rooms of Villas 72, we had to meet and fall in love with its private terrace, come with us to see it:

With a private pool made of chukum, vegetation and endemic stone from Yucatan, we can confirm that Villas 72 excelled when creating these spaces, perfect for reading a book, magazine, even for kindle lovers.

There are dream Airbnb’s all over the planet, in Paris, Santorini, Montreal, Rome and more, but if we talk about Mexico, we cannot lose Mérida from the map and now Villas 72 joins the select group of the best Airbnb in the capital Yucatan, ideal for all those who wish to visit this beautiful city.

Source: Top Yucatan

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