Uber requests permission to operate at the Merida airport


 A group of operators of the Uber taxi platform asked the authorities to regularize this urban transport service and to allow them to work in the vicinity of the Mérida Airport.

“We know that there are people and even individuals who come to provide the transportation service in front of the airport entrance and no one attracts their attention, but to us, as they already identify us, when they surprise us they impose fines of up to 45,000 pesos. .”

“Why do you record us, if we are only looking to earn a little to support our families? But with the argument that we are not regularized like those in Cancun, they force us to leave the units in the streets surrounding the air terminal and go look for customers in the corridor that leads travelers to the international avenue.”

“Hopefully the authorities give us permission as they do with other people because we believe that there is an opportunity for everyone, since not even the Va y Ven service is enough, and not even the airport taxi drivers are able to meet the demand, and that’s why travelers look for our services that are cheaper.”

They indicated that the drivers of the competition charge higher rates, compared to those who have been providing the service for years, all because the authorities refuse to recognize them as their counterparts in Cancun, Quintana Roo have done, and prefer to leave things as they are.

Source: Por Esto