Expo Construcción in Mérida expects 5,000 people


With high business expectations and greater attendance than in 2022, the Yucatan delegation of the Mexican Chamber of Industry of the Constitution (CMIC) will hold from Thursday, March 30 to Saturday, April 1, the 25th. Expo Construcción 2023 at the Siglo XXI Convention Center.

Raúl Monforte González, local president of the CMIC, accompanied by the president of the Advisory Committee, Víctor May Vera, and representatives of two sponsors, Omar Israel Jiménez Reyna, from Sika Mexicana, and Vanesa Prevé Ruiz, from Impulsora Hidráulica, reported that there are 90 registered exhibitors for the expo, among local, national and foreign.

Seven other companies were interested in participating, but due to site restrictions they were not accepted this year. However, even with this limitation, the 25th edition of the expo exceeds the number of exhibitors in 2022, which was 70.

Monforte González said that he expects the attendance of 5,000 people, the majority related to the construction industry because it is not an expo for shows but for the exhibition of machinery, innovative products, and technology.

For this reason, he added, they also scheduled the second Investment Forum for Growth and Prosperity, a keynote address by Jaime Solís Sarmina, with the theme “Implications for investment and development given the global financial environment”, and training courses on specific topics of interest to the industry.

“National executives and from the country’s CMIC delegations and businessmen in the industry will come, which will surely generate business appointments, contacts and sales of inputs for this industry,” said Joaquín Chan Caamal.

Source: Diario de Yucatan