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Mayor meets with the American and Canadian community in Mérida

- April 1, 2023

Under the perspective of creating public policies based on respect, inclusion, and harmony as pillars to consolidate human development in the Municipality, the Mayor, Renán Barrera Concha, builds ties with the different cultures that coexist in the city to continue adding them to our society.

Accompanied by the Consul General of the United States of America in Mérida, Dorothy Ngutter, the Municipal President met with the American and Canadian community to continue working in a coordinated manner through a series of inclusive dialogues that recognize the cultural diversity that characterizes the actual society.

“Mérida is a city of open doors that always welcomes those who arrive with the desire to contribute, to prosper and to enjoy this safe, beautiful, and harmonious city. So Mérida, it is also their home”, he expressed.

In this regard, he highlighted that of the 15,000 foreigners living in Yucatan, 79% live in Mérida and, of these, the North American community represents almost 25% of the total.

“Precisely because of this great diversity of cultures that have made Mérida their home, our City Council has a Municipal Office for Migrant Assistance, which is a link for attention in relation to the Municipality, but it is also a link with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Consulates and the National Institute of Migration”, he indicated.

Likewise, he pointed out that the security, quality of life, rule of law and the opportunities for progress that Mérida offers, the city has become an attractive pole to reside, for this reason, the Living Mérida Guide was prepared, which contains information that makes easier to join our community.

For her part, Dorothy Ngutter thanked the mayor for making Mérida the home of the American and Canadian residents who chose this city to live.

“Mayor, thank you for the joint work that you have promoted and for hosting this important meeting between the American and Canadian community and the Mérida City Council. I am sure that we will continue collaborating so that this city is better every day”, he expressed.

The meeting whose objective was to welcome the American and Canadian community, also served as a framework for the presentation of the services that the Mérida City Council offers them; as well as establishing a permanent and inclusive dialogue.

Source: Quadratin

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