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Giant scorpion caught inside a house in Ciudad Caucel, Yucatán

- April 26, 2023

MERIDA, YUCATAN.- Through social networks, several residents of Ciudad Caucel, in Mérida, reported the appearance of giant scorpions in their homes, and warned that these insects release a strange “blue poison.”

A resident of the area spread the photographs of a colossal scorpion, which he managed to catch with a pair of tweezers as it was lurking inside his house.

The insect gave the man a big scare, who could not believe the presence of such a large scorpion inside his home. He stated that it is unusual for these animals to come out of nowhere.

It is very rare that insects of this size can be observed inside houses.

The diplocentrus scorpion, despite being a species typical of the region, is rare, in fact, the ecological authorities advise not to kill them, since they help with the extermination of pests.

This type of scorpion can exceed 6 centimeters in size, has a stinger and large pincers, and is reddish-brown in color.

According to the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), the venom of this type of insect is not highly toxic, although it could cause allergic reactions.

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