The village of Cibceh becomes a ghost town due to migration to Mérida 


Cibceh, the smallest town in Acanceh, looks desolate, almost turned into a ghost town, since most of its inhabitants emigrated to the municipal seat in search of better opportunities. 

The few people who live in this town, they say that there are no shops or attractions and that they feel forgotten by the authorities who only go there at electoral times. 

Cibceh, one of the seven comisarias that make up the municipality of Acanceh, has only about 50 inhabitants. The men work in the municipal capital and in Mérida, while the women are housewives and the few children attend a Conafe multiplex school. 

According to Adalberto Marín M., until a few years ago the the comisaria had more than 100 people, but little by little they began to emigrate to the municipal seat, because there are no shops or anything to have fun in the town. 

“There is nothing, that’s why people go to the municipal seat, either to work or to stay and live in that place, many get married and stay in Acanceh,” he said. 

José MC, is another of the locals who mentioned that the daily routine in that place is tedious. 

“Every day it is the same, I leave early to go to work in Mérida, I return in the afternoon and there is nothing to do. The hours in this place pass very slowly, at night we go out into the street to contemplate how empty the community looks, the few young people and the children do not find anything to do, they get annoyed, ”he said. 

The housewife Edelmira P.C. She indicated that once a week she goes to the municipal seat to do her shopping for the whole week, since there are no shops in the community. 

To enter Cibceh there are two ways, one taking a rocky road starting from the municipal seat cemetery and passing next to the Secondary School and the El Nance neighborhood. The other is towards Timucuy where you reach the junction with that town. 

The locals pointed out that this community is forgotten by the authorities and that it is only visited when a politician needs to promote himself, but when they get the power they no longer even return to greet them. 

In what has been the center of the comisaria is the main house, which is an old abandoned and demolished house. It has a small chapel and a playground. 

  Source: Por Esto