Foreigner is stranded at the Mérida airport; she has not paid for your return flight to the US 


Nogach Sachs, an American citizen, arrived on Wednesday afternoon with the intention of traveling from Mérida to Houston, but the ticket she showed was not paid for and she was unable to board the plane that left yesterday at 07:00. 

It is worth mentioning that since she is a disabled person with speech difficulties, she stayed all night at the Mérida airport and to this day continues to wait for someone to help her. 

According to United employees, the person arrived in Mérida on July 2, from Manzanillo / Peña Colorado with a stopover in Houston, but when trying to return to her country, they realized that she had not paid for the return ticket. 

The user has speech difficulties and only knows English, so she provided the number +1 314 324 8240 that she assures is her mother’s, but no one responds, even a text message was sent, no response. 

Cleaning staff tried to help her so that she can go to the bathroom, but she refused the help and she went alone, leaving the suitcase abandoned, since her cell phone had run out of battery. 

Elements of the National Guard indicated that the United States Embassy was notified to see if someone would help her, but until 10 in the morning she continued to walk around the air terminal and her suitcase as well as her telephone were taken to the department of lost items. 

  Source: Por Esto