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They investigate the poisoning of 10 domestic animals in Mérida

- October 9, 2023

Yesterday, residents of Villa Magna 2 reported to the authorities that there were at least 10 animals, including dogs and cats, dead on public roads.

Neighbors were shocked to see the number of dead and dying animals.

The State Investigation Police began work to clarify the cruel slaughter of at least 10 domestic animals in the streets of the Villa Magna 2 subdivision, in Mérida, since the poisoning of dogs, cats or any other species is classified as a crime by the Penal Code of Yucatan.

According to reports from neighbors of that housing unit located in the south of Mérida, on 71st Street and 28-A they came across the bodies of several dead dogs and cats, apparently due to poisoning.

This practice that was “common” a few decades ago to reduce the population of stray animals, is now prohibited and punishable by law.

The neighbors were surprised to see the number of dead and dying animals lying in the street, so they immediately reported the incident to the emergency number and that is when the PEI elements arrived.

As part of the investigations, the street was even closed, while the elements looked for clues as to who could have committed this massacre, in which they caused the painful death of a dozen animals.

It is worth mentioning that in accordance with “Article 409.- Anyone who commits acts of mistreatment or cruelty against a domestic animal, which causes its death, will be sentenced to 6 months to 2 years in prison and two hundred to four hundred days-fine.”

Source: Sipse

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