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Horse caught on the Mérida peripheral crashed into a car

- December 4, 2023

As if it were a ranch, a horse was seen galloping through the peripheral of the city of Mérida. It was seen jogging up a bridge!

MÉRIDA.- Some residents caught an unexpected specimen on the outskirts of Mérida, because when they went up a bridge they looked out the window and saw a horse galloping.

The animal was seen yesterday in the peripheral ring of the Yucatecan capital, apparently in the area of the Los Héroes subdivision, in the east of the city.

It was through a video circulating on social networks that the horse was seen running away, galloping over a bridge. Another Internet user commented that he saw the same horse but in San Camilo, Kanasín.

Users commented that motorists drove way to the horse when they saw it on the road, to avoid accidentally injuring it. A truck driver even changed lanes so he wouldn’t be hurt.

However, until now it is unknown how the animal got there and where it ended up; as well as where he would have escaped from.

The horse hit a car

Santos K. contacted La i Noticias and commented that the horse ended up damaging his vehicle, just when he was traveling with his family in Flor de Mayo, Kanasín. According to the affected person, he tried to avoid the horse, but they ended up colliding.

Due to the impact, the animal broke the panoramic window and its mirror, while his daughter was on that side in the car. Likewise, the man said that he filed a complaint against it for payment of damages.

Source: La I Noticias